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it any more.
I don't know which way to go.
This way. This way.
Come to me, my little one.
Will you hand me my robe?
I told you there was no escape.
Help! Help!
You go upstairs now and get my rope.
Got it.
So, my little princess...
has come to help Terak
learn the ways of the power.
What have you done with the Ewoks?
- Ewoks?
- My friends, where are they?
The Ewoks. Of course.
Your friends.
They are my friends too.
They are here at my castle...
as my guests--
my most honoured guests.
You better not have hurt them.
I won't hurt them.
Not if...
you make this work.
What do you mean?
Use your magic.
I don't know anything about magic.
All I want is the power.
Make it work!
I can't !
Don't be foolish. Do what he says.
I can't ! I can't !
I will give you until dawn.
If you have not done
as I have commanded...
you and your friends will be doomed.
And you will follow her in her fate.
You are my lord.
No tricks.
Take them away!
Let go of me!
Put me down!
Slow down, Teek.
Teek, now I told you to slow down.
We're getting close now.
Come on. Let's go.
Couldn't you wave your hands over it
or something?
Or is it a special word?
I don't know what you're talking about.
The power.
You must know how to unlock the power.
This isn't good for anything.
You just have to plug it
into something.
You're lying. He told us about this.
He told us it was
the key to all his power.
Power greater than mine,
greater than Terak's .
But it's just a piece of the star cruiser.
That's right. The power of the stars.
That's what Salak
was searching for long ago.
Salak? Noa's friend?
Yes, Salak.
Terak killed Salak for the power then.
He'll kill you and me for it now.
You're crazy.
Salak just wanted to get away from here...
just like me and my family.
We just wanted to go home.
It's another ship.
Noa, look.
My goodness.
Will you look at that moat now?
Water black as ink.
Wicket swim.
No, you don't swim.
Here. Take a look at this.
You see that?
That could've been you, you little beggar.
Okay, Teek, grab ahold.
Now, off you go.
All right. Your turn.
Back up and get a runnin' start.
- Ready.
- Go!
Get your feet out of the water!
Noa, pull!
Help Wicket! Help!
Pull! Pull!
Hurry, Teek.
Come on! Come on!
Hey! Hey!
Cindel, Ewoks through door.
- What door?
- That door. Cross room.
Now how are we supposed to
get over there?
What do you got there?
Get your foot outta my eye.
This way!
Hang on, Teek. Stay close.
All right now, Teek.
You gotta get them keys.
Be careful. Now go on.
No worries. I'll get us out of here.
Hey. Hey, you!
Let me out.
No. Not her. She's evil!
Follow Wicket. We escape.
Must go. Hurry.
Be careful.
This way.
This way. Hurry.
Deej! Quick.
What are we gonna do, Noa?
There's no way out.
No door, huh?
Well, I'll make us a door.
Now get back, everybody.
Quick. Duck down.
By golly, it's morning already.
Get out of the way.
What do you know?
I caught it on the first try.
All right, now.
Hang on tight.
Okay. You're next. You too.
I'm sorry about your friend Salak.
- They killed him for the power thing.
- What power thing?
It's mine.
Let's get outta here.
Hold on. Here we go!
Run, you little bug-Iovers. Run!
No, Terak.
I can help you.
There's another ship.
I can find it.
Let's go now.
Come on. Keep up.
Come on. Hurry along.
Okay. Now all you gotta do is hold 'em off
till I get the power going.
Understand me? If you can buy me
some time, we just might have a chance.
Cindel, you and a couple of your friends,
come with me, okay?
- Wicket, you're in charge of the others.
- We fight!
I got a catapult in the trees.
So, now, go to it!
Cross your fingers now.
Okay now.
Let's power up this old tin can.
Come on.
- What if it doesn't work?
- Then we're really in trouble.
Come on.
Light up, you worn-out tin can.
Power modulator, generator,
oscillator on.
Okay, Cindel.
Turn on the
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