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all right.
- Thank you.
See what you done now?
Look what we're into.
We got a lot better things to do, you know,
than look after these little bounders.
- Somebody somewhere
is worrying about 'em.
And come daylight...
they're gonna have to go.
Oh. Morning.
All right. I think now it's time for you two
to run along home.
I know there's somebody
worrying about you.
- Good morning.
- We go?
- Where will we go?
- Family need wicket.
But we don't know
where they are.
We find!
I really think it would be better
if we left them out of this.
I mean, this is a strange power.
It's... It's different.
It is the power I've searched for.
This is the power the star traveller spoke of.
Yes. We have only to learn its secrets.
I have waited long enough.
You will discover its magic...
or die.
If only you hadn't let that child escape.
She must know its secrets.
How dare you suggest that I am to blame.
Oh, no. No, no, no, no.
- I didn't mean that, uh...
- Find the little one...
and I might forgive such insolence.
But how can I?
Find me that child!
Find me that child!
Find me that child!
Where you hiding, you little rug rats?
Come down here!
Come on. I got something for you.
Oh, hiya, Teek.
They gone, huh?
Well, good riddance.
I didn't want 'em here anyway. They
would've brought us nothing but trouble.
You understand? Trouble.
Eating all the food in the house.
Messing things up.
Better off without 'em.
Shh. I thought maybe you needed a new
bed, and I forgot how big you were...
so I made two of them...
one that size and one that size.
See which one suits you.
It's a good thing they were gone
when I come home!
I would a throwed 'em out on their ear.
Noa! Noa!
Look what we've been picking.
We can make a pie.
Well, don't make a mess, you hear me?
And you either!
- Okay?
- Okay.
Okay then.
Night-night, Teek.
Teek! Stay outta those pies
and save some for tomorrow!
Mm. Ohhh. Tired.
Those were awful good pies, Cindel.
Best I ever had.
- One for you.
- Oh. Thank you.
Thanks, Noa, for letting us stay.
- Goodnight, Noa.
- Goodnight now.
All right now.
If you're gonna stay here with me...
you're gonna make yourselves useful.
You're gonna wash the dishes
and make the beds and clean the house...
and it's gonna be spotless when I get home.
And, Teek, see they do it.
I wonder where he goes every day.
- Work?
- I guess, but where?
- I dunno.
- Let's follow him and see.
Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh.
No, no, no, no.
Make bed. Dishes.
W well do those, but later.
- Come on.
- Okay, okay.
Oh. Look what it is.
- Big bush!
- I mean under it.
I dunno.
Let's go look closer.
Oh. Cindel, Cindel. Look.
Bush... Bush has window.
Wicket, it's a star cruiser.
Star cruiser? Star cruiser...
Star cruiser crash!
Star cruiser whoosh!
Star cruiser crash, crash!
Star cruiser... Oh!
Wicket! Wicket!
Oh! What are you two kids doing here?
You shouldn't come around here!
It's dangerous!
- Wicket sorry.
- You could get hurt!
Nobody comes here, not even Teek!
- Help!
- And I got worse traps than this around here!
I'm sorry.
Well, you should be sorry now.
- You all right?
- All right.
Awww, come here!
All right. I'm sorry.
But you shouldn't have been here.
And you neither!
Let's get this rope off your foot.
Hold still!
How'd you get here?
A long time ago.
My friend Salak and I.
We were a couple of young fellas
out to tear up the galaxy.
Ha. On our first mission, we crashed... here.
I've been here ever since.
I don't even know how long I've been here.
- Where's your friend?
- I don't know.
See, when we crashed,
the crystal in our power drive shattered...
and he went off in search of another one.
- I stayed here.
- Ahhh.
And I've been here ever since.
My friend, Salak, he's not coming back.
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