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Come on.
- Skedaddle!
I'll deal with you in a minute!
What do we do now, Wicket?
Night soon. Rest here. Safe.
Teek, you oughta know better!
This is my house, these are my things.
Don't want no strangers around here.
Besides, if I did let 'em stay...
first thing you know,
they'd wanna be friends or something.
And then look at the trouble we'd have!
I'm cold, Wicket.
- Cold.
- I'm hungry too.
Wicket hungry too.
You don't know who those people are
or what they're up to.
And it could be some kind of trick!
I know you get Ionesome.
You think I don't ?
What's this?
Now, what do we got here?
Some kind of porridge.
You make this?
Look here.
Some kind of--
Some kind of little muffins.
Shall we have some?
All right.
My golly. That looks good.
Dig in.
Take all you want,
but don't let me catch you...
giving none of them muffins to them
little beggars outside, you hear me?
I'm going over to that stove
and get me some more soup.
Whatever you do...
you stay right where you are.
Thank you.
You are hungry.
Thank you for building the fire.
I'm so glad you're here.
You know what?
You're my best friend.
Yes. Best friend.
What are you two little wood rats
trying to do, burn down the whole forest?
But I was cold.
I ain't gonna let you build a fire
unless you build it in the fireplace.
Proper place for a fire
is the fireplace...
so you can have this fire tonight...
but tomorrow you gotta go,
you understand me?
- What's your name?
- Noa.
- Goodnight, Noa.
- Goodnight.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Goodnight, Teek.
Now, get to bed.
Help, Noa! Help!
- They're here!
- What's the matter?
- They're gonna get me. They're here!
- Who's here?
- What's going on over here?
- The bad men!
You've been dreaming, honey.
You've had a bad dream
is what you've had.
Now, there's nobody
gonna bother you.
Old Noa will look after you.
You're safe here now.
I'll put you in this soft bed,
cover you up...
and you can sleep the night
there, okay?
- All right. You too. Come on.
- Me too?
Up you go.
- You'll be all right.
- Thank you.
See what you done now?
Look what we're into.
We got a lot better things to do
than look after these little bounders.
Somebody somewhere
is worrying about 'em.
And come daylight...
they're gonna have to go.
All right. I think now it's time
for you two to run along home.
I know there's somebody
worrying about you.
- Good morning.
- We go?
- Where will we go?
- Family need Wicket.
But we don't know
where they are.
We find!
I really think it would be better
if we left them out of this.
I mean, this is a strange power.
It's different.
It is the power I've searched for.
This is the power
the star traveller spoke of.
Yes. We have only
to learn its secrets.
I have waited long enough.
You will discover its magic...
or die.
If only you hadn't
let that child escape.
She must know its secrets.
How dare you suggest
that I am to blame.
- I didn't mean that--
- Find the little one...
and I might forgive such insolence.
But how can I?
Find me that child!
Find me that child!
Where you hiding,
you little rug rats?
Come down here!
Come on.
I got something for you.
Hiya, Teek.
They gone, huh?
Well, good riddance.
I didn't want 'em here anyway.
They would've brought us
nothing but trouble. You understand?
Eating all the food in the house.
Messing things up.
Better off without 'em.
I thought maybe you needed a new bed,
and I forgot how big you were...
so I made two of them--
one that size and one that size.
See which one suits you.
It's a good thing they were gone
when I come home!
I woulda throwed 'em
out on their ear.
Look what we've been picking.
We can make a pie.
Well, don't make a mess,
you hear me?
And you either!
- Okay?
- Okay.
Okay then.
Night-night, Teek.
Stay outta those pies
and save some for tomorrow!
Those were awful good pies, Cindel.
Best I ever had.
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