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it's easy. I can do this.
Maybe not yet.
Maybe not yet.
Maybe I can try this.
You always see like this?
That's nothing. Watch this.
What's wrong?
This time they die. Now, go.
With pleasure.
Come on. Come on.
Eragon, stay out of this.
Lower, Saphira, lower.
Eragon. Above you.
Come on.
Protect your dragon.
Your irresponsibility
nearly cost Saphira her life.
Don't worry about me.
I'm stronger than he thinks.
Do you not listen to anything I tell you?
"Better to ask forgiveness
than permission."
Your duty is to reach the Varden alive.
Let's talk about truth
before we start talking about duty.
What are you talking about?
I thought we agreed
not to lie to one another...
...Dragon Rider.
Of course.
Not anymore.
Where's your dragon?
She was murdered by another rider
with this sword...
That sword is a dragon killer.
The rider's name...
...was Morzan.
Galbatorix won him over.
And while she was trying to protect me...
...my dragon was killed.
Better we...
...than our riders.
So I set out to search for Morzan.
And I found him.
I took his sword
and I drove it through his heart.
And as he died, so did his dragon...
...the last, except for the king's.
So I hid out in Carvahall...
...with a shame...
...I rightly deserved.
Because of me,
the days of the Dragon Riders were over.
Then you came.
You both came.
And now the days of the riders
have come again.
Bring me the boy, I said.
Bring me his blood...
...I said.
But you...
...you bring me nothing.
You've just been promoted.
I tire of this.
I'll bring the boy to me.
Tell me your name.
- Eragon.
- Eragon.
I am Arya, Princess of Ellesmra.
We are allies with the Varden.
You're the only one who can save me.
But how do I find you?
Durza holds me prisoner at Gil'ead.
- Where are you going?
- To find Arya.
How do you know that name?
She's Durza's prisoner.
I'm going to free her.
That's out of the question.
Gil'ead's in the opposite direction.
We can't go start going back.
We're almost there.
I won't let you do that.
It's too much of a risk.
The egg was sent to me.
I'll decide what risks I take. Not you.
Eragon, this is more than about just us.
- If I don't, she'll be killed.
- Yes.
And it's a sacrifice she's happy to make...
...because she values your life over hers.
- I won't let her die.
- If she dies...
...then she'll join the countless others
who have died waiting for you.
As the Varden now wait for you.
You must try and understand.
It's your life that's important.
I do understand.
One false move, one reckless decision...
...and everything is lost.
It's good to be brave,
but sometimes it's better to be wise.
- Eragon, listen to me.
- Your shame is not mine.
You forgot what it means
to be a Dragon Rider.
I will save her.
- Eragon--
- Please don't, Saphira.
I'm the rider and I say we go.
You'll draw too much attention.
We'll have to wait for night
and I'll go in alone.
Those walls hold death, Eragon.
Not today, not for us.
I'm going to save her life. I can do this.
Our power is greatest
when we're together.
We can't truly be together
until I become as strong as you.
Move along, now.
Move faster.
Make way.
Keep up. Come on.
- You shouldn't have come.
- But in the woods...
Leave me here. Go. Now.
It's far too late for that.
Forgive me if I stare.
I knew you were young, but even then
I expected someone a little more...
Well, more.
A young magician.
How quaint.
Do you already feel it
draining your strength?
They say as a Dragon Rider
draws his last breath...
...he can hear the dying screams
of his dragon.
Out of the way!
You'll have to do much better than that.
- Get out.
- No. Not without you.

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