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Oh, dear.
Well, I see the effect of your training.
Good. Good.
Don't get overconfident.
It won't be your cousin Roran
you're fighting.
And it won't be wooden staves, either.
I could've beaten him.
I just didn't want to hurt the old man.
Of course you could have.
Don't dragons breathe fire?
She's not old enough to sustain a flame.
Lucky for you.
How did you do that?
What did you just do?
I started a fire.
He doesn't trust me.
Maybe we need to trust him first.
Now get to sleep. With any luck,
tomorrow, by the end of the day...
...we will have
slipped through Daret unseen.
Then it's the foothills of the Beor Mountains
and a straight shot to the Varden.
Eragon, wake up. Come on, wake up.
We're at the village of Daret.
We'll leave the horses here.
Keep Saphira close.
Buy us some bread down there.
Come back, meet me here.
I won't be long.
Don't talk to anybody.
Do you wish Angela to read your fortune?
- But I have no money.
- Did Angela ask for money?
Knucklebones of a dragon.
They will tell me everything about you.
This is difficult.
A young life so tangled.
But you have been long awaited
by many races.
Great battles rage around you.
It can't be. I don't understand.
You have powers you do not acknowledge,
but there is a doom upon you.
Part of it lies in a death
that rapidly approaches.
No. It's already happened.
And a girl.
She calls to you in your dreams.
She's part of your past...
...and your future.
Who is she? Tell me her name.
Do I have to do everything myself?
- The fortuneteller--
- Did she tell you about him, huh?
Come on.
Where's everybody gone?
- She told me my future.
- The future is for the living, Eragon.
Come on!
My hand. It burns.
Slowly, slowly, slowly.
My head.
Feels like I've been kicked by a horse.
What happened?
Most new Dragon Riders take years to learn
what you discovered by instinct.
- What was that?
- Magic.
I was only reacting.
Magic comes from dragons.
It flows through the riders
who command them.
- Saphira.
- She's fine.
But she felt your fear as her own.
Your bond with her is strong.
- Those were Urgals, weren't they?
- Yes.
- Did I kill them?
- Yes.
But death is nothing to celebrate.
Magic must be your last resort.
It has rules. It has limitations.
Before you cast a spell, you must learn
the ancient language of the elves.
Brisingr means "fire." Is fire.
The thing is the word.
Know the word and you control the thing.
Before you can cast a spell...
...you must have the physical strength
to withstand its effect.
Some spells may leave you weakened.
Other spells,
as you found out on the bridge...
...can leave you unconscious.
And yet other spells,
if you use them before you're ready...
...will kill you.
I can teach you the words...
...but the limits of your strength
you must learn for yourself.
- What's the word for tree?
- Tree is traevam.
And the branch?
And when a dragon and rider are truly one,
then they see as one.
And that's "skulblakas ven."
Well, since we've announced ourselves
so spectacularly to the world...
...we're gonna have to find
another way through these hills.
Of course, that would be a lot easier
if you were flying.
Did someone mention flying?
Are you ready to try again, Dragon Rider?
I didn't do so well last time.
We didn't do so well.
You can thank Brom for the saddle.
No, that's not so bad up here.
Not so bad at all.
Not that much!
Feel how she moves, Eragon.
How she turns. And when she accelerates.
Come on, let's see what you got.
You want speed? Here we go.
Hold on, Eragon.
You asked for it.
There you go.
When we're truly one...
...you can fight from everywhere,
even from the tail.
I wanna try it.
Maybe not yet.


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