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Besides, had she not,
I wouldn't have gained another son.
Take these.
I've been saving them for you.
Your blessing is all I need.
Take care of yourself, Roran.
Goodbye, Father.
Be strong, brother.
And work on that aim.
You may make a hunter yet.
Not a stone.
An egg.
Well, look at you.
What are you?
Well, you're not a bird.
Where is it?
Too late.
It's hatched.
It's hatched.
Look at what you did.
Eragon, wake up.
Get on with your chores.
Go on.
Drink while it's still warm.
I'm sorry. That's all there is.
So much for our rat problem.
My king, Galbatorix.
As you feared, the dragon has hatched.
But to a mere farm boy.
To whom is not the issue.
When the Varden learn
that the legend is real...
...they will be encouraged
to challenge me.
And I am not interested
in being challenged.
There is no one left for you to fear,
my king.
Beyond these borders
are remnants of the resistance.
Dwarves. Elves. The Varden.
I can't let them have hope.
Do not let them reach the Varden.
I will find the boy...
...and kill him before he becomes a man.
Where's your mother?
Did she abandon you too?
Did she leave in a great hurry?
Kill the rider.
Nothing from my boys.
Not a word.
Their mother's heart is broken.
And for what?
More death? More suffering?
Easy, Horst. The soldiers will hear you.
What's that matter?
Speak or not speak.
It makes no difference.
Quiet, Brom.
A fool like you has nothing to lose.
No argument there.
Don't mind me.
But it wasn't always like this, was it?
There was a time when our land flourished
without cruelty and fear.
A time of dragons and Dragon Riders.
Those days are long gone.
Old Brom is going on with his stories.
Don't pretend you've forgotten.
Men astride magnificent beasts.
No one could defeat them.
Until, that is, one of their own...
...a rider named Galbatorix...
...decided to take all the power for himself
and cut down any rider who opposed him.
Enough, before you hang by a tree.
Let him finish.
- And one day, he will pay for his crime.
- Are you deaf? Be on your way!
The time of Dragon Riders...
...will come again.
And then Brom said:
"The time of the Dragon Riders
will come again."
Well, first, I think you need to fly.
Yes, you did it!
She's gone.
- What's happening?
- Brom was right, Eragon.
The time of the Dragon Riders
has come again.
You can hear my thoughts?
I have waited 1000 years
to hear your thoughts.
And now you can hear mine.
I am Saphira. And you are my rider.
Get out.
Is it true?
What you spoke of?
Didn't you hear me? Get out.
I want to know more.
Tell me about the dragons.
Did anybody follow you here?
How big will they grow?
When do they breathe fire?
Keep your voice down.
You mocked the king
in front of his soldiers.
I always say,
"Better ask forgiveness than permission."
Then tell me.
- Tell me about the dragons.
- Go home.
Mind your corn. Till your fields. All right?
You'll just get yourself into trouble.
What does it make you, then?
A liar or a coward?
I know.
I know your story is true.
I told you.
His name is Eragon.
The boy. The boy took it with him.
He lives on a farm,
the furthest one in the valley.
Please, don't kill me.
Eragon. It's you they want.
- Take me down.
- You're in danger.
What are you doing?
I have to warn my uncle.
It's too late. There's nothing you can do.
Hold on.
You're ridiculous. Hold on.
- I'm begging. Please put me down now.
- I can't. They'll kill you.
- Take me down now.
- You stupid boy.
I'm slipping.
Take me down now.
You're giving me no choice.
Uncle? Uncle.
I should have been here.
To warn him.
- This is your fault.
- You would have met the same fate.
No. I could have saved him.
Go away.
And stay

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