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that there's no other way,
we must try.
Agreed. Go ahead, Valentin.
Why him? It is my idea. Moreover,
it is my job as an engineer.
- Go, Valentin.
- He won't know how!
He'll be blown off,
and you'll be responsible.
This is no time
for sympathy or antipathy.
Yes, Nenarokov is a better officer.
He's more experienced, more
level-headed. He'll be in command.
You go with him and help him
all you can.
Ladies and gentlemen! Does anyone
have a warm jacket?
It is needed by the crew badly.
I'm sure that nothing more
can happen to me.
Hook yourself safely,
so that we can drag you back.
Don't worry.
- Repeat it.
- I'm safely hooked.
I'll reduce speed.
But I can't go below 400.
Don't curse me if the wind
buffets you a little.
What's going on?
Why is it so cold?
It's all right.
All is as it should be.
If all the air escapes,
we'll suffocate?
You frighten yourself,
and you frighten other people too.
- Why are you so quiet? Speak up.
- I'm getting fastened.
Keep talking.
Tell me whatever you're doing.
It'll make it easier for you,
and I won't have to worry.
Mommy! Mommy!
Mommy, it's good in there.
- Are you cold? Hungry?
- No.
- I missed you so much.
- I missed you too.
Now wait a bit.
There's no pain.
I know when there's pain.
I can cause pain myself.
Nenarokov has cut his hands to
the bone, and is frost-bitten.
He can't go on any more.
- Eyes all right?
- Yes, eyes all right.
You have to let me go.
Go, Igor. And put a lot of grease
on your face.
Didn't I tell you everything
will be all right?
After my car accident, the doctor
told me I'd live to be a hundred.
The base and crown of my skull
were fractured,
my spleen removed,
my left kidney ruptured,
my both ankles wrecked,
and ten ribs broken.
Please, my dear, would you
be so kind and shut up.
Yes, I understand.
Beginning the repair
of elevators.
The engineer will enter
the tail cone, go up
and try to remove the obstruction.
- Pardon me, d'you believe in God?
- Stop bleating like a goat!
We should have trekked to the hills.
With the instrument?
- How is it going, Igor?
- I got a grapnel.
I'm trying to catch it.
I've caught a fish! I'm pulling it
Everything normal? How's it now?
Everything is fine, Igor! Oh God!
Easy. I believe
I've broken my ribs.
Easy, easy... Relax... Just relax.
85-131, Kiev is unsafe for landing.
Thunderstorm, 200 km front.
We're examining alternatives.
How's the crack?
The crack will not grow,
but might yield to greater stress.
We're proceeding to Moscow.
Shall land at Sheremetyevo,
our home port.
What's the forecast? Wouldn't like
any turbulence with our tail.
Moscow alerted to receive you,
but the storm's moving faster.
- Alerting Riga and Leningrad.
- I don't have enough fuel.
Alert Moscow!
I had made plans to go
to the Medical College.
If I had done it,
I wouldn't be flying now.
I finished the Medical College,
and I'm flying.
You won't cheat Fate.
It is growing, isn't it?
Andrei Vassilievich,
it is certainly growing!
This is 85-131,
the crack is growing bigger.
Rain, turbulence.
I am descending.
- Toma, go to the front cabin.
- I was told to stay here.
Go to the front cabin.
Commander's order.
- Will we crash?
- Not at all.
Remove all sharp jewelry.
Toma, go.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please fasten your seat belts,
remove all pointed and
sharp-edged objects,
put your heads between your knees,
cover heads with blankets
and hold them
in your hands like this.
In Sheremetyevo it's pouring.
The runway is wet.
Slush two centimeters deep.
Reverse thrust impossible.
We'll try to land without it.
- Without reverse thrust?
- It may tear off the tail.
Wake up, please.
Wake up.
On course. On glide path.
Alert fire engines.
Dima! Where's my child?
I saw a boy going
to the tail section.
- The brakes!
- The brakes are not working!
- Use reverse thrust! Do it!
- The tail will break off!
- Mommy, we've arrived, yes?

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