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for small planes
to rescue the injured.
- What's that rumble?
- Something is falling.
- Is that where the town is?
- No, it's over there.
Anyway it doesn't sound too close.
The lava is rushing down
the mountain.
- Towards us?
- Don't know. They don't say.
In 1925, half the town was gutted
by such a flood.
The deluge is approaching.
Rock and fire at high speed.
It's still about 40 km away,
but above us is the refinery.
What do you say? Take-off now?
- No.
- Doesn't seem possible.
Andrei Vassilievich, I can't say.
I don't know either.
Really, I don't.
Look, a plane is taking off.
That means we can too.
Well, that does it, we can't
take off.
- I can't leave!
- Calm down.
I said, calm down!
Tell us please, can we take off or
not? Might as well tell me clearly.
I have to pacify others.
Wait till we've assessed the position.
Captain will decide any moment.
Is there nobody responsible
among you?
Of course, we're going to take off.
Just go and calm all the others.
Valentin, we must take people to
the hills. There's no other way.
What about the injured?
We can't wait till we're drowned
like kittens here!
You're men, do something!
Take-off is impossible.
If we stay, we perish.
The bottom line, we take off!
- How do we do it?
- By free taxiing.
- A short stretch.
- We'll measure it in Moscow.
- Drop the cello!
- It's a Guarnerius!
Comrades, where are you going?
Bachula! Bachula!
Where's my child?
Slowly, please.
There's a cello here.
I'm going to kill you, Bachula!
I'm going to kill myself!
- Flight recorder.
- On.
- Fuel on board?
- Thirty nine tons.
- Hydraulic pumps?
- Checked.
- Emergency exits lights?
- Off.
- Hydraulic quantity panel?
- Checked and set.
- Take-off readiness?
- Ready for take-off.
Crew, take-off!
Hundred forty, hundred eighty...
The decision-taking speed!
Two twenty, two sixty! Lift off!
- Oh, I was so frightened!
- It's all right now.
Scalpel. Clamp. Another clamp.
Oh, blast! My eyeglasses.
- Tampon. Stitches.
- Here.
Quick! Clamp! More!
- His jaw is broken?
- Not broken. Dislocated.
Sit down. Hold him.
- That's it!
- Is it already over?
The thing to do is to remove your
hands quickly to save your fingers.
Bless you, doctor.
You know, it was hell!
This is 85-131.
I've taken off. Altitude 1200.
No proper elevation control.
Maybe some damage during take-off.
Continuing ascent.
- Mommy, my ears.
- Now, now, my little one.
Now, honey, calm down.
It will be over soon.
Yes, Dima, a little wait...
There's some sound in the second
cabin. The temperature's down.
I'll go and see, all right?
Bring me a scalpel
from the surgeon.
It's money!
Please sit down.
Calm down, please!
Gentleman, please sit down.
- Let me go!
- Calm down, please.
The passengers are restless. It's
cold in the cabin. What shall I do?
Do what? Do what?
Here's what you do.
Bring us some coffee.
Coffee now?
Yes, coffee now. And please, don't
worry so much and don't panic.
We're descending.
It'll soon be easier to breathe.
Descending to three thousand.
The aircraft is depressurized.
There's a crack in the fuselage
of the tail section.
Where are you going?
Come, sit down.
This cello was made by
an old master. It's valuable.
It shouldn't get cold.
Must keep it warm.
Well, aces, think, what do we do?
We can't fly far
in this damaged aircraft.
Nor can we land without elevators.
Therefore, I propose that
we cut through to the tail section,
pass the air-intake channel,
get to the breach or crack,
and pull the torn skin
back into place.
This is the only way which can
prevent the crack from growing.
The task is risky, though not
And the most vital thing to do
is to free the elevators.
But I'll come to that
after we've fixed the crack.
Your opinion?
Theoretically viable,
but no one has ever tried it.

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