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Mommy and I will go out
to the movies. You stay here.
Do you want to go for a walk?
Alick, go... wo...
Alick, do you remember? Go...wo...
- Let's go for a walk.
- Let's go!
Uncle, let's go to the park,
to the merry-go-round.
I'm not your uncle.
I'm your dad.
You've forgotten so soon?
No, not forgotten.
My new dad is Tolya.
And a boy cannot have two dads.
- And who am I then?
- You're not dad, you're uncle.
- Who told you that, your mom?
- Yes.
Be-er... Vi-no...Tof-fee...
Ca-fe... Fo-to...
Have you had a good walk?
Alick, come here.
- Are you tired?
- No.
Let's talk about you a bit.
How's everything?
I went to Moscow for my medical.
Passed conversion course.
Now I'll be flying a TU-154.
So all is well professionally.
How is your private life?
Found anyone?
And what if we were to start
all over again?
You and l... Would you agree?
I would agree.
And I wouldn't!
Only now I understood what
it means to live.
I go to bed happy,
I wake up singing.
I just asked.
I wanted to make sure
if you had changed at all.
I haven't changed.
You haven't either. Not a bit.
Oh, all right. Goodbye.
Alick, come, daddy's waiting.
Uncle, I love you.
- Igor!
- Yes, Andrei Vassilievich.
What is it between you and Tamara?
You better explain.
- Is it anything of your concern?
- Yes, because she's weeping.
If her life's ruined by a playboy,
it's everyone's concern.
That's what I thought.
Her grandfather was a pilot,
an old friend.
So what?
I overlooked your misdemeanors.
Not any more!
That's your last flight with me,
I'm warning you.
Do you think you're being wise?
You're upsetting my nervous
equilibrium just before a flight.
I'm shaking in my shoes. What
if I should make a mistake?
Those like you
couldn't lose their poise.
Your kind can upset anyone.
Behave or you'll lose your job!
- How're you, Valentin? Flying?
- Flying, Andrei Vassilievich!
Your interview!
Well, you carried tales to uncle.
Happy now? He's promised to
throw me out.
85-131, proceed to Bidri with
medicines and food for the victims.
Bidri reports another shock wave.
Critical situation in the mountains.
You have to pick up families of
the workers and the injured.
- Expedite return flight.
- Roger.
They changed our task. In Bidri,
the situation has worsened.
There's been another aftershock.
More destruction.
As soon as we've handed over all
food and medicines, we fly back.
We'll carry the builders' wives
and children, and the injured.
An uninviting place.
Yes. There may be absolutely
unforeseen eventualities.
Everyone has to be on the alert.
- Is that full of gold?
- Careful, it's money.
That's no eggs, we won't break it.
I told you
everything will be all right.
Anyway, the worst is over.
I was sure about that!
- Hi! What's the latest?
- Another shock wave last night.
Take-off should be within an hour.
The sooner the better.
The construction workers will stay.
Their families will fly with you.
Why can't you come with us?
Don't panic. I'll follow as soon
as we have restored the plant.
Calm down, or I'll be worried too.
My dear child! lf you only knew
how we waited for you.
If you only knew
what we have been through!
It was plain hell!
We're so tired!
- Do we fly soon?
- We'll load the food and take off.
carry the injured to the plane!
Why are you sitting here?
I've looked everywhere for you!
Hush, stop crying, baby!
- When do we fly?
- We've been through hell here.
- There're women, children here.
- What are you waiting for?
Maybe they'll clear the flight?
There will never be
ideal conditions.
Get in touch with the controller.
All flights are cancelled.
There's a fissure on the tarmac.
Now please, no need to panic.
We'll find a way.
May we send the injured
to the city?
It would do no good.
The hospital is ruined.
I'm afraid they won't allow us
to take off.
We must ask


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