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faithful to you.
Come on. A friend came just
to collect some music records.
And you make a scandal,
get hysterical...
Yes, I'm hysterical,
because l...
Iove you so much.
You don't bother. Not a bit.
It makes no difference to you
whether I exist or not.
You know, I'm glad this has
Otherwise I would have sunk
deep into this mess.
Forever lost.
I feel I'm saved.
I too am saved.
You can't imagine my relief.
- Bring us some coffee.
- Coffee again?
The medical check-up is near.
Heart and all that.
Yes, you veterans should bother.
Bother or no bother, they'll
find some reason to put you away.
In the past, such matters upset me,
not now.
I suppose it's time for a change
of job.
An obsolete profession. On IL-86,
there's no more need for navigators.
Valery Pavlovich, do you plan
to fly till you're a hundred?
You will certainly stay around
for another twenty years.
All right, enough of this bullshit.
Is it a funeral?
- Here's your carotene.
- No, Anyuta, that's it.
Tomorrow I'm going to hospital.
Annual medical check-up.
As usual.
You give just one day's notice.
What's the difference?
It is not a jail term.
Just a month's rest.
Nothing to worry about.
I know how you're not worrying.
You're in excellent shape,
I tell you that as a doctor.
Only cognac improves with age.
- Keep flying.
- Thanks. I will!
- Keep flying.
- Thank you. Goodbye.
Well, Professor, is it time
to remove my harness?
When a horse had done its work,
and has to be sent to slaughter,
they remove its harness
and put it out to pasture.
Ah, no. You're as fit as a fiddle.
Keep flying.
Andrei Vassilievich, what is it?...
I'm grounded.
How can it be? It's absurd!
I'm eight years younger than you!
What can I say to you...
You now, I next.
There's work on the ground, too.
You're still in aviation, huh?
They will see you're happy.
Let's have a drink.
Come on, come on,
forget about it all...
Hello? Ah, it's you.
No, Galka, not possible.
I'm going on a voyage.
For how long?
For a whole life!
I'll call you up in the evening.
Please don't go.
Let's go some place we can talk.
We have nothing to talk about.
As you wish. We can talk here.
I miss you,
and you miss me too, I know.
I don't miss you at all,
that's why you're running after me.
If I were to cry and to phone you,
you wouldn't think of coming to me.
I'm sure you do cry
and wish to phone me.
Only you're an actress,
playing a role to torture me.
- Who told you that?
- Long experience, you know.
All right, if you're such an idiot,
I'll make you a proposal.
- What proposal?
- As if you don't know.
Please marry me.
That's the proposal.
I too have to make a proposal.
Leave me alone, and never
approach me again.
26-120, you'll join the group
looking for cosmonauts.
Your sector is 26-D.
Maintain contact.
- What's up?
- Look out for cosmonauts.
Seeing cosmonauts! Descending!
Soviet Pilot Spots Cosmonauts.
Look, Nenarokov has made
the bourgeois press.
It's a pity he left us needlessly.
- It's I'amour.
- Not quite.
Total marital catastrophe.
- How do you know?
- From personal correspondence.
- She turned out a perfect bitch.
- Is it that bad?
She wouldn't let him see the child,
sent a complaint to the Minister.
You have influence. Maybe
you can put in a word for him.
All right, my lawyer friend.
You're here! Alick will be home
any minute. Come on in.
Tolya! Valentin is here!
Do come and meet my husband.
- Anatoly.
- Valentin.
Alia, fix us something to eat.
Come on, take off your coat.
Feel at home.
She's a great hostess,
and always cheerful.
Yes, I should know.
Nothing for me. I'm full.
- Have a drink at least!
- If only one glass.
I can't make you out.
How could you give up such
a woman? lncredible!
Your kid is so sweet.
Calls me dad, you know.
He even stammers less.
He's seeing a speech therapist.
Maybe you'd like to be alone


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