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this pressing need
to see my son.
He's in the nursery.
- Alia, won't you come out?
- I have a headache.
Yevdokiya Petrovna,
you could've done better.
He shouldn't be in the nursery.
It may hamper his growth.
It can't be so bad anywhere
as with you.
I can't be with him all day.
You've left us and my mother is ill.
Since you're here,
you can see Alick.
But only for half an hour
and in our presence.
Why in your presence?
This is not a prison,
and I'm not meeting a prisoner.
So that you won't poison
his mind against us.
All together now!
As we baked a cake...
My darling.
Pa... pa... pa...
Nenarokov! Where are you?
Come here, Nenarokov!
Announcing the arrival of
Flight 2326 from Arkhangelsk.
Announcing the arrival of Flight
1222 from Mineralnyie Vody.
Announcing the arrival of Flight
1222 from Mineralnyie Vody.
Flight 1768 from Kiev
is expected at...
There he is!
What have you done with the child?
Where's Alick?
Over there, asleep.
My darling!
Officer, arrest this man!
Why? It's a family affair.
Sort it out between yourselves.
Right, Valentin Georgievich?
So beautifully asleep.
Let him be.
Are you hungry?
I don't know.
Well, perhaps a bit.
Why the police intervention?
Some spectacle.
Just to make it more painful?
Why have you always made it
so unbearable for me?
You never could see
beyond your own nose.
- I have never loved you.
- That's a lot of nonsense.
What about our all night kissing,
talking, endless smooching.
What's there in smooching?
I was young and stupid,
and you, a pilot from Moscow.
You gave up a lot for me:
job, prospects, Moscow.
I saw you were in love with me
I married you mostly out of pity.
I shouldn't have done that.
You poor creature.
That was the one
good thing you did,
and you couldn't forgive me that.
And how about me, eh?
I used to fly a different sky!
Whenever I see a passenger plane,
I think of all my lost opportunities.
I'd be flying IL-62's by now!
Of course, you're good,
and I'm bad.
You dropped me and the child
because you're so good?
Who needs me now?
Alick, honey, wake up.
Wake up, mommy has come for you.
Where did you come from?
From Leningrad, naturally.
Aren't you glad to see me?
Oh, I'm glad.
Then don't conceal it, show it.
Pick up my bag.
You don't care very much.
Just one post-card in a whole year.
But I'm different.
I didn't ring up
because I'm passing through.
Just three hours between trains,
but I had to drop by.
I had to see you,
even if it is only for an hour.
- Won't you be late?
- I have three hours.
Hey, what's happening here?
Are you expecting somebody?
No, not really. I mean
somebody might come.
Something is happening in my life.
There have been changes.
Has somebody crawled
into your life?
What do you mean, crawled?
Cockroaches crawl,
not beloveds...
As a matter of fact, yes.
What is this? Come on, please!
Stop it! I beg you.
Compose yourself. Now please
turn to me.
It's ridiculous! You're like a baby.
Would you like a cup of coffee?
- You want me to stay?
- Of course, I do.
Only let us have it understood.
It will be our farewell.
If the phone rings,
don't pick it up.
Something wrong?
Why is she wearing my slippers?
They're three sizes too big for me.
- Igor, I'm going.
- Go.
Your mission is accomplished.
- Toma, wait!
- Leave me alone!
- I'll explain everything.
- No explanations are necessary.
- Listen to me!
- Let me go!
It's a misunderstanding.
Please, Toma!
Remember our agreement, Toma?
We have an understanding.
Full independence,
no obligations.
Now remember,
these were your own words...
"I'm a modern woman.
I know what I do."
I said it because that's what
you wanted to hear.
Listen, you've had many women.
Don't you know
that all girls want to get married,
they want children
and a lifetime companion!
You and your modernity,
your independence!
What's in it for me?
I was

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