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So, I won't stop you now.
But remember: if you do anything
against your will,
just succumbing to pain or fear,
or some other pressure,
you may regret it tomorrow.
However, it will be too late.
Be brave, you'll get
a second wind,
you'll feel better.
A human being is a very tenacious
mechanism, it can stand anything.
I thought you didn't want me
to have this baby.
The Court will now hear the case
of Valentin Georgievich Nenarokov
against Alevtina Fedorovna Nenarokova
about custody of child.
Secretary, announce the parties
The Petitioner, the Respondent,
Witness, Inspector of Schools.
Why is the child here? He's not
required. Take him away.
- Respondent, you wish to contest?
- I contest his advocate.
I have no advocate,
but he has one.
The law does not permit you to
object to his advocate's presence.
You too are at liberty to appoint
an advocate.
I'm the mother.
Nobody can take my child away.
Alick, don't do that here.
It's not allowed. Want a drink?
I understand it's not good for
a child to be without his father.
Without mother, it is even worse.
I don't know what Valentin
Georgievich is hoping for.
He flies, often gets delayed.
He has no time to look after
the boy. He's always busy!
Don't you also work?
Yes, but I have my mother,
a pensioner, who's in good health.
Valentin Georgievich too has
a retired mother and a sister.
But these two are as good
as strangers to Alick.
And my mother has always taken
care of him.
And what did you, on your part,
do for the child?
I'm not on trial here.
Find out about your client first!
He is a good man.
He has good references.
Respected by colleagues,
morals above board,
a doting father.
Pardon me, but all this
is big news to me.
I'm the only one who can tell
what kind of man he is!
What kind of a father he is,
and about his moral codes!
He slept out for three nights,
nobody knows where!
And as a father, he is nothing!
He didn't give his son
any education!
I'm a teacher in a primary school.
And who is he? He scolded his son,
even beat the child.
Alick started stammering
because of that.
I'm surprised how that kind of man
can work in our aviation.
Why, he'd even go to his work
completely drunk.
He could have mucked up
both machine and people.
Can anyone trust such a man
with a child?
Alevtina spoke the truth.
And how do you know what
exactly she did say?
Those are the absolute facts.
I saw it all with my own eyes.
The child must remain
with his mother.
You say you saw
with your own eyes.
Did you see the boy beaten?
Beaten? Oh, how's that possible?
Sometimes, our Alia boxed his ears.
You know, she's a bit nervy.
I see. One more question.
Tell us please if you saw your
former son-in-law drunk regularly?
No, never.
How's that? Peg after peg,
but he never got plastered?
He never drinks!
Well, a few pegs on special days.
Maybe I'm a little confused.
You'd better ask Alia.
Thank you. That's all.
The Court is in session.
In the name of the Russian
Socialist Federal Republic...
As a matter of fact, the law
provides for it.
Exactly equal rights for both
parents in such cases.
But let's be practical.
You're a pilot. Can you sit
the whole day with your son?
Suppose you remarry.
What's the guarantee your new
wife will treat the boy well?
There he has grandma, mother,
even though she's a bitch...
Even though she won't allow you
to see your son...
Igor, you asleep?
- Are you asleep?
- No, not asleep.
I'm going to draw your portrait.
Low forehead, smooth skin.
Aha, the fellow has no mind,
no suffering.
The nose is gristly, cunning.
Soft, shapely mouth. Not cruel.
Oh, thanks.
Why do women love you?
For what?
Igor, don't leave me. Will you?
Don't leave me.
Don't ever leave me.
You don't know loneliness,
and what it can mean to me.
Where's that?
Eastern Kazakhstan.
It's a job like any other.
I've got a few days off,
so I came here.
I feel

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