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Mother, he needs a haircut.
- Right now?
- When then?
When he develops a plica?
Alick, come here. Sit down!
I said, sit down!
Now don't take it out
on the poor child.
Stop crying.
See what I've brought you.
Mou... Mou...
No, not a mouse. It's a nutria.
From the breeding farm.
Remove this rat from the table,
this moment!
Not proper really.
A rat on the table.
But why, just when I'm busy with
my child, he has to produce a rat?
Just to make me mad...
Stop it, will you? Oh, hell!
You don't like it here? Go then!
Let's divorce and get done with it!
I'm sick and tired of that!..
- Have you got a vacation?
- I'm offering you my heart and hand.
- What madness!
- Let's get married at once.
I'm still a student. I'm not free
to go for two years yet.
You don't have to be free.
I've come to you myself, forever.
- Sheer madness.
- We're in love with each other.
We'll be happy together. I'll take
a job in a domestic airline.
Not everyone flies international,
you know.
Have a bite.
Delicious, the meat jelly.
Alia, perhaps you're right.
Let's get a divorce.
Just because of a rat?
I'm serious...
You know, there are men
who enter wedlock
and stay there till their demise.
And there are those
who never get caught.
I'm one of them.
Of course I've been in love.
Head over heels. Not just once.
But I never gave my word to
I knew I was not a family man.
No, not me.
I never promised anything.
So I never hurt anybody.
That's what I admire in you. Your
sophistication. Your independence.
Just a second.
Hello? Ah, pretty well.
No, I can't.
I have to go on a long voyage.
For a long time. Half a year.
All right, all right. Bye.
Our relationship
is just for half a year?
What could I have
said to an old friend?
That I was going
on a lifelong voyage?
Are you jealous?
Jealousy is for those with
an inferiority complex.
I have other complexes.
Come on, stop it.
We just had a little serious talk.
It's incredible!
Look, in our land, men and women
have the same rights, yes?
So, why do you spurn
your privileges?
Why do you have such
an abysmal, senseless,
atavistic desire for marriage?
For what? It beats me!
Why are you staring at me?
Am I not right?
- Of course, you're right.
- Sure I'm right.
I can understand that long ago,
there lived those...
The male hunted mammoths,
the woman waited by the fire.
Quite obviously, no husband,
no mammoth, no food.
That is solid logic.
She had to stick to somebody
to survive.
And where's she today?
Today she's a Ph.D.,
earns a fat lot.
She's better off than any man,
because she doesn't drink.
And yet she has to cling to
some creep,
because a husband is a must,
so is a family.
- Utter bilge, isn't it?
- Bilge!
- What's going on there?
- Terrorists.
They hijacked an aircraft, and
have landed here for refueling.
The terrorists have agreed
to release just one woman.
A Japanese, Kumiku Marimitsu.
There're 67 people on the craft,
14 of them are women.
- What do they want?
- Not clear as yet.
Ransom, perhaps.
Oh yes, they demand release
of four of their comrades.
Her husband is among the hostages,
architect Marimitsu.
Her friends await her, and some
people from the Japanese embassy.
She just wants to leave the child.
She leaves her child and
returns to the plane.
- But why?
- Her husband is on board.
She turned around only once
to look at her child.
Oh, blast and damn it! Hi!
There's an ambulance downstairs.
Has it come to us?
Yes. It is Natalya, poor thing.
- What's wrong?
- Toxic fever.
Spasms, nausea.
She is really bad.
How is it, Natasha? Bad?
Mommy, I can't bear it any more.
Take me to a hospital.
I'm willing. Will you?
Yes, my child. You'll be all right.
- Has he come?
- Yes.
You did want the baby, didn't you?
I didn't want to lose it.
Mommy knows that.
I bore it, till the end of my
Can bear it no more.
You always did as you pleased.


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