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Maybe you can persuade her.
- Kostya, don't apologize.
Help me, Andrei Vassilievich!
But why?
Can you explain it to me?
Dad, he has no personality.
Do you understand?
I don't need him.
And you and mom don't either.
We'll never be able
to live together anyway.
He's got enough personality to
make a baby, but not to marry.
You've made a mess of your life,
don't you see?
Dad, try and please see that
you see nothing at all.
Don't go out without your hat,
don't play in the rain,
don't produce babies...
But I shall! You'd better
worry about yourself.
You've nearly done your flying
career. You're near retirement.
You'll need some work,
like playing with your grandson.
You'll like that,
won't you, granddad?
- Andrei!
- Petrovich!
- Of all the places to meet!
- That's a great surprise!
Tamara, this is my friend,
a super class pilot.
- Timchenko.
- Tamara.
Tamara, there's a bottle
cooling in the stream.
My granddaughter,
Czarina Tamara.
She wanted to be an actress,
but didn't pass the auditions.
Now she thinks, the poor girl, that
her life's a complete failure.
- Is she married?
- No.
- Single mother?
- Why did you say that?
I was thinking of someone else...
You know, Andrei,
she's a clever girl.
I got her a job as an air hostess.
She's been flying for a year now.
Do me a favor,
please take her under your wing.
Sure, no problems.
She knows English,
can both speak and sing in it.
I'm not sure about singing,
but speak she will have to.
- Do you like your work?
- No.
This is 26-120, circling over
the flooded area.
No marooned people in sight.
- 26-120, return to base.
- Roger.
We didn't have enough time in
Moscow to see a speech therapist.
Is his stammering that bad?
I'm afraid it is. He's clever,
If a word is difficult,
he uses a part of it.
For chocolate, "Chu", for sugar,
"Shu", for cookies, "Ku".
- He's made a lingo of his own.
- That's interesting.
And my wife shouts at him.
She makes him say everything right.
- Your Alia is quite a shrew.
- Don't say that, she's just nervous.
We all get nervous. But we don't
scare the life out of people.
This is 16-120. Flight is over.
No marooned people in sight.
I had to warm your dinner three
times. Where have you been?
- Got delayed at work.
- You could have telephoned.
I'm a nervous wreck!
Now warm it up yourself and eat!
I also work!
Alia, don't get mad. You've got
such a wonderful man!
Maybe you should find yourself
someone to make you happy?
When my husband is alive?
Never! Others may do that.
- Then bear with him.
- That's exactly what I'm doing.
The only thing I've been doing.
For five years already.
- We're on course, on glide path.
- You're on course, on glide path.
Deviation 6, course 214.
- Thank you, Tamara.
- Thank you.
Hello, dad? How are you?
Did the doctor come to see
Aunt Marina? What does he say?
You should have telephoned.
Of course, I'll get it. No problem.
Sergei, how was your flight?
There's something I want you to do.
Write it down.
"Miredin". "M" as in Michael, Irene,
Robert, Eve, Doris, Irene, Nick.
That's an Indian medicine.
When are you flying to India?
Sure, I'll fix it.
All right, see you on Wednesday.
Take care!
I've made some coffee.
You take coffee in the morning?
You ought to eat the skin, too.
All the vitamins are in there.
I don't feel like eating.
You'd better lie down, Natasha.
- All right, mom.
- And get a warm blanket.
You're cooing like two girlfriends.
Natalya got what she asked for.
Let her take it.
You won't even speak to her,
and in her condition...
In her condition.
Blind actions have their price.
This is 26-120. Have delivered
fertilizers to the farm.
26-120, return to base.
Altitude 400, deviation 8.
Reverse gear's on.
Coming in for landing!
- Have you paid the rent?
- I have.
- And the electricity bill?
- This too.
Alick, baby, come here.
Give mommy a kiss.
Alick, do you hear me?

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