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- Yes, yes.
I told you everything would be
perfect. Nobody believed me.
Only I knew
all would be well!
I'm alive! I'm alive! Alive!
Toma, you have curious reflexes.
You should have cried before.
Now you should be happy.
Go away! Don't ever touch me!
- I hate you!
- You've had a shock.
Yes, I've had a shock because
of you! You betrayed me!
You were different an hour ago.
I thought we were going to die.
Forgive me for not plunging
to my death.
I was so worried.
- How was the flight?
- Normal.
So why the delay?
Bad weather in Bidri.
Give me a spot of cognac.
Well, Professor,
time to remove the gear?
Andrei Vassilievich,
you can't fly for a while.
The cardiogram positively says
your heart needs rest.
I'll get even with those quacks,
you'll see.
A fellow strong as a bull,
sent to his grave.
They will give you a job!
I'll take my case to
a Ministerial Commission!
They'll give you any other job!
Men can work on the ground too.
Come on, Anyuta. I've myself said
it a thousand times to others.
I don't need any other job.
I need to fly.
- I'm strong, you know that!
- Andrei, don't get excited!
He looks great, younger than we do.
The sanatorium has done you good.
You are glowing!
Oh, I missed you so much!
Well, I can see it now.
Might as well submit.
Now I realize that the shouting,
demanding respect for myself
was stupid egoism.
Valentin, be careful,
you might drop her.
Nonsense! A pilot's granddaughter!
She'd rather fly!
Better men, by far, have retired.
I'm not the first, won't be the last.
So ends my gypsy life.
I return home.
Andrei Vassilievich,
tomorrow I go to the altar...
to surrender.
There's time though.
I still may change my mind.
She would be lucky if you did.
We'll find her a better man.
His kind of men are hard to tame.
- The first 10 years won't be easy.
- That's my luck.
There's a wedding?
That calls for celebration.
- I brought it.
- Put it away! Come on.
How beautiful!
Well, Andrei Vassilievich...
I wish you the best.
Let's drink to that.
Oh, it's strong.
Like drops of blood.
The bullfinches will like it.
Good morning, ladies and
Our captain,
Valentin Georgievich Nenarokov,
and the crew
welcome you on board
our Aeroflot flight...
The End

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