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And you're going
to have it, I suppose.
Yes, of course.
What's happening to you, anyway?
Don't act like that's so terrible.
Bright young women
are having simple abortions.
Then they get wonderful jobs.
You can have it in Colorado.
Why do I tell you anything?
I like you less and less.
You know why, Emma?
It's because only I
tell you the truth.
Go get dressed.
How will your life get better...
if you keep having his children?
What miracle will come
to rescue you?
Leave me alone.
I need the money.
Give me the painting to sell.
No! That's your security.
I will not have you
using that for rent.
Let's not do this.
All right?
I'll talk to you later, all right?
All right.
If the money would mean...
No, don't. It would
make you crazy.
Yes, it would.
We'll talk later.
Call me tonight if you want.
Daddy just got home.
Hey, no kidding?
Is it tough being a genius?
Great news.
I know what my topic is.
I have it all figured out.
What's wrong?
Where have you been
all night, Flap?
I fell asleep on that big sofa...
at the library again.
I don't know
what's wrong with me.
I'm on to you.
I'm not doing anything.
Oh, yes, you are.
We go through this stage every...
Don't change the subject.
What's the subject?
That I'm on to you.
You wouldn't look so innocent...
unless you were guilty.
You'll have to
take my word for it.
You have no other choice.
No, no, no.
No, no, no!
Excuse me.
Emma, you always
get a little paranoid...
in your first few months, okay?
If you are doing something...
and trying to make me
feel crazy because I'm pregnant,
you may have sunk so low...
you'll never recover.
You may have just panicked,
and trying to save yourself,
you've thrown out
your character and principles.
The only way you could
redeem yourself...
is to admit anything...
that you might have
been doing last night.
If you don't do that,
you are a lost man.
A shell.
A bag of shit dust.
You've got to tell me.
For us, honey.
Hello, Aurora.
How are you?
Yes, she's...
She's right here.
Nice to hear your voice again.
Why don't you get a job?
What about the baby?
It's a great day
when you get tenure!
All tenure means...
is we won't have
enough money forever!
Why won't you ask your mother?
At your convenience, right?
Go ahead! Call her!
Why should today be any different?
Get on the phone, Emma!
Why don't you call?
Yeah, I'll call Aurora, right?
Get on the phone!
Get on the phone, Emma!
Get on the phone!
Get on the damn phone!
Mommy said to wait right here.
Just stay if you want.
What are you guys doing here?
I said to wait
in front of the house.
Answer me, Tommy.
I didn't want people
to think we lived there.
Cut it out.
You're allowed to say
one mean thing to me a year.
That'll do till you're ten.
You're driving Daddy away.
Tommy, stand up and follow me.
Don't make me hit you.
Hurry up.
I said hurry. Come on!
20, 30...
Let's see.
That's 38, 40...
You don't have enough money?
I don't have any checks,
so I'll put some things back.
Can I have the register key?
She doesn't have enough money!
It's no big thing.
I brought the wrong purse.
Here, take this.
Mom, you promised
I could have something.
I won't give her real food.
Give her this.
No way!
All right.
$40.75. We're going
in the wrong direction.
Why must you be so nasty?
I mean, it's not going
to help anything.
We're both people, you know?
I don't need it.
Mrs. Horton,
I'm Sam Burns from the bank.
I turned down
the second on your house.
Oh, of course.
I remember who you are.
Can I help you
make up the difference?
Thanks. I'd appreciate it.
I'll pay you back tomorrow.
You're a very rude young woman.
I know Douglas from the Rotary.
I can't believe he'd want you
treating customers so badly.
I don't think I was
treating her badly.
Then you must be

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