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got to pick up
my kids at 5:00.
Okay. I understand.
Don't give it a thought.
I haven't made love
to a woman...
in almost three years.
How come?
My wife has a disc problem,
and she can't take having...
any weight on her.
I hope you don't
mind me asking this,
but have you ever thought of
your wife getting on top?
Oh, she wouldn't do that.
She may surprise you.
No. I don't think so.
It would be so unlike her.
Did you ask?
About 600 times.
What are you thinking?
Do you prefer Texas to Iowa?
What were you really thinking?
That's what I was thinking
when you just asked me that.
There seems to be
an absence of wildness,
even in the people.
Well, we're farmers,
and we talk poor...
because the farmer
aspect of things is,
"Don't let anybody know
you have anything,
and don't call attention
to yourself."
My wife says...
I guess we shouldn't
talk about Dotty.
Wind in the hair!
Lead in the pencil!
Feet controlling the universe!
Breedlove at the helm!
Just keep pumping that throttle!
Keep giving it that gas!
I see the Gulf of Mexico!
I'm not enjoying this!
Give it a chance.
I'm going to stop!
# Fly me to the moon ##
How are you?
It's not my fault, but I'm sorry.
If you wanted to
get me on my back,
you just had to ask me.
Oww! My hand!
Get it out!
I can't! I swear!
I swear to God!
We were having a good time,
then you had to go do this!
Please, anything!
Bend down!
Bend down!
Why did you have to get drunk?
I am not drunk...
The pain sobered me up.
Emma, this might be
a terrible thing to ask,
but are you thinking
about your husband?
A little.
We can go back.
No, Sam. Stop it.
Look, I want to do this.
I'm glad I don't know whether
Flap's been with someone else.
I'd hate to think I was
doing this just to get even.
Oh, just fucking great!
You're parked in my driveway!
You're breaking the law!
Thank you!
Would you like to come in?
I'd rather stick
needles in my eyes.
Everything would've been fine...
if you hadn't gotten drunk.
Don't think I'm like
one of your other girls.
No danger in that
unless you curtsy
on my face real soon.
What is it that makes you...
so insistent on
shocking and insulting me?
I really hate
that way of talking.
You must know that.
Why do you do it?
I'll tell you, Aurora.
I don't know what
it is about you,
but you do bring out
the devil in me.
Where are you?
In the laundry room,
so nobody could hear.
But I can't hear you either.
Wait a minute.
We're getting a quieter cycle.
Can you hear now?
Is it bad to call?
No. I'm in the market
for sweet talk.
Mom, I have to go!
Hurry up.
What is it?
Just how absolutely good I feel.
And even though I'm scared,
and we've committed adultery,
no matter what happens,
I'm just so grateful
to God or the Devil...
for letting me
feel this way again.
I'm glad you told me that.
Don't flush.
You said to.
Not this time.
Emma, is everything okay?
It's all right.
Can I hold Melanie?
Honey, is everything okay?
Is everything okay?
Everything's fine.
Oh, yeah.
Everything's fine.
I have
an emergency phone call...
from Mrs. Aurora Greenway
in Houston, Texas...
for Mrs. Emma Horton.
Oh, no!
She does that
when the line's busy.
Will you release?
Of course. We were just talking.
I'll talk to you later, Sam. Bye.
Hi. How'd it go?
The astronaut is impossible.
An arrogant, self-centered,
and, yes, somewhat
entertaining man...
who has realized his ambition,
and is at last a spoiled child.
A match made in heaven.
You'd think so, wouldn't you?
He doesn't want anything more
to do with me.
Oh? Why?
Let's not go into it.
Because you wouldn't go to bed?
On a first date?
It's hardly a first date.
You've lived next door for 15 years.
Why don't you talk
about the real reason?
I don't know what you mean.
It's been that long


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