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doesn't matter,
but its concealment does.
Why does he keep talking?
Dr. Ratcher...
The way to adjust to old age...
Doctor, I think
you're a mite confused...
because of being
recently widowed and all.
[Tapping On Window]
You okay?
Let's give her some privacy.
The door's open.
Just a minute.
Well, hello.
I was curious if you still
wanted to take me to lunch.
I wasn't aware that we...
A few years back,
you invited me to lunch.
A few years back?
Does the invitation still exist?
Would you like to?
To lunch.
Not dinner, remember.
It was lunch.
Why not? No.
All right.
All right.
If you mind the open air,
I could get the top.
No. Don't worry.
Grown women are prepared...
for life's little emergencies.
Us going out together...
Not bad, huh?
Do you think,
could you possibly put the top up?
The top's at home in the garage.
Hello. How are you?
How are you, Ali?
It's nice to see you.
That guy, Fred, at that bar?
He asked me out.
[Woman #2]
Oh, God.
He took me to the Cadillac Bar.
It's a fun place...
if you're with the right people,
but I wasn't.
I'm starving.
No hidden meaning
in that remark.
Well, uh...
Would you like an oyster?
Thank you.
It's good.
I think that is extremely rude,
noticing other women
when you're with me.
I, um...
think we're going
to have to get drunk.
I don't get drunk,
and I don't care
for escorts who do.
You got me into this.
Trust me about this one thing.
You need a lot of drinks.
To break the ice?
To kill the bug
that you have up your ass.
May I get you something?
I will have some bourbon,
preferably Wild Turkey.
You're not fun,
by any chance?
We shouldn't think
about that right now.
Impatient boys
sometimes miss dessert.
We both got here
at the same time.
Hi, Sam.
It's nice to see you.
It's always nice to see you.
I can hardly believe it.
You, too.
What I didn't expect was
that there'd be moments...
where I'd forget to be scared...
that someone
would see us together.
You don't have to be scared.
Contemplating sin
is all we've done.
I'm glad you've been
contemplating it, too.
I didn't know that.
Well, all these lunches,
all this hand-holding.
I'm not going
back to the bank this afternoon.
I have to go out
and inspect a new house.
It's pretty far out, and...
Well, it's empty.
I've got to pick up
my kids at 5:00.
Okay. I understand.
Don't give it a thought.
I haven't made love
to a woman...
in almost three years.
How come?
My wife has a disc problem,
and she can't take having...
any weight on her.
I hope you don't
mind me asking this,
but have you ever thought of
your wife getting on top?
Oh, she wouldn't do that.
She may surprise you.
No. I don't think so.
It would be so unlike her.
Did you ask?
About 600 times.
What are you thinking?
Do you prefer Texas to Iowa?
What were you really thinking?
That's what I was thinking
when you just asked me that.
There seems to be
an absence of wildness,
even in the people.
Well, we're farmers,
and we talk poor...
because the farmer
aspect of things is,
"Don't let anybody know
you have anything,
and don't call attention
to yourself."
My wife says...
I guess we shouldn't
talk about Dotty.
Wind in the hair!
Lead in the pencil!
Feet controlling the universe!
Breedlove at the helm!
Just keep pumping that throttle!
Keep giving it that gas!
I see the Gulf of Mexico!
I'm not enjoying this!
Give it a chance.
I'm going to stop!
# Fly me to the moon ##
How are you?
It's not my fault, but I'm sorry.
If you wanted to
get me on my back,
you just had to ask me.
Oww! My hand!
Get it out!
I can't! I swear!
I swear to God!
We were having a good time,
then you had to go do this!
Please, anything!
Bend down!
Bend down!
Why did you have to get

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