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's got red flowers on it.
She made it.
No, not yet.
I made omelets.
I started them.
Kind of Tex-Mex.
That was the worst thing...
you've ever done to me.
I think you owe
my husband an apology.
Until you apologize,
I won't listen to your gossip.
He's right here.
Hold on.
Hello, Mrs. Greenway.
No, ma'am, I am not
enjoying your predicament.
Momma, be nice!
As a matter of fact,
I don't need an apology.
All I want is
for you to understand...
and appreciate my position,
to respect our marriage,
and to wait another 15 minutes...
before you call in the morning.
Yes, I guess I've said my piece.
Okay. I'll put her on.
He's so great!
I'll talk to you later.
I don't care
about the neighborhood.
Can't you stay
a little while longer?
I thought we were
having a real good time.
Don't go yet.
One more minute.
I've got something to show you.
No, really.
Good night.
I bought you something.
A tie.
you didn't buy this for me.
You were worried about
how I'd look to your mother.
Now, stop being a quisling
where she is concerned.
Why is it whenever I get
happy, you turn perverse?
Buying this made you happy?
Yes. Yes!
I wish you could understand this,
'cause you really don't.
It made me very happy,
buying this tie.
I went to two or three places
before finding it.
Then describing your jacket
to the salesman,
and knowing
how perfect it would match.
Which, by the way,
it certainly does.
I mean, it was fun!
It was a goddamn Mardi Gras!
You're too dumb to understand
that kind of happiness.
I'm sorry.
I'm being terrible.
Going to your mother's,
it makes me
a little irrational.
Can I help?
Yes. Thank you, Flap.
Take this candle.
I need another one.
In the kitchen?
That looks great.
Who's that short gentleman?
Not that it's any
of your business, but...
Just leave it at that.
What are you looking at?
She isn't there anymore.
She'll be back.
I'm Edward Johnson,
Aurora's friend.
Pleased to meet you.
Vernon Dahlart.
God, isn't she something?
Here she comes.
I met her two weeks ago
at church.
You might say she's
God's gift to Vernon Dahlart.
Then you like her?
Oh, no. Does it show?
Good food.
I served this
when I lived in Boston.
Vernon, you haven't said a word.
Is that right?
I feel like
I haven't stopped talking.
I guess because I've been
thinking about you so much.
Can I suggest
how to handle me?
Yes, ma'am.
Don't worship me
until I've earned it.
Thank you, ma'am.
I appreciate any advice
you can give me.
Don't talk
with your mouth full, Vern.
I wouldn't do that.
I just did it to make you laugh.
What's wrong with you?
I got some good news.
What's that?
I'm unofficially pregnant.
We haven't gotten
the tests back yet,
but you know me...
I'm never late.
I don't understand.
Um, if you're not happy for me...
I'm going to get so mad
if you're not happy.
Why should I...
Why should I be happy
about being a grandmother?
You won't be knitting
the baby any booties?
every time you get
more than two drinks,
you confront me.
And I won't have it.
I won't have it,
not in this house.
Excuse me.
Do you need some help?
No. I'll be fine,
as soon as I stretch my legs.
Oh, God.
Mr. Breedlove.
You're bleeding.
It's okay.
Come on in.
No, thank you.
What are you afraid of?
why not...
Why not come on in?
Because you're much older
than the boys I date,
'cause you're drunk,
and because when I went
to see an astronaut...
give a lecture,
I didn't expect him
to prowl after us.
I didn't expect some silly flirt...
to keep his jacket open...
because his belly's
getting too big.
I expected a hero.
Well, okay, Doris, don't come in.
I don't want you in my house.
Lee Anne, would you like
to come in?
You better tend to that cut.
Tommy, show me your belly.
Come on.
How can you dress him like that?
He's adorable.
Look at him.


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