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about your manner.
It's like you're trying
to toy with me.
That's right, Aurora.
I'm playing with you.
This is the element.
Do you want to play, Aurora?
Want to have lunch?
We'll have lunch.
If you want to have lunch
in some restaurant...
to improve the atmosphere
in this neighborhood,
I wouldn't exactly say no.
Come here.
We're too far apart to talk.
since you've agreed,
why don't we just
forget about the rest?
I mean, I know how you feel.
There were countdowns
when I had my doubts.
I said to myself,
"You agreed to do it.
"You're strapped in,
"and you're in the hands...
"of something bigger and
more powerful than yourself.
"So, uh, why don't you just...
lay back and enjoy the ride?"
I'm not going.
There's something
wrong with you.
Oh, God.
I'm such a shit.
Wait! That must be it.
Right there? Oh, God!
Flap, it's great.
Is that it, really?
Oh, it's great.
Isn't that sweet?
Oh, that was a bump.
Oh, yeah.
What is that?
Shall we go see the house?
You stay there.
Come on.
Let's get this off.
Come on.
Whoa! Come on.
Oh, sweetheart,
did you hurt yourself?
Nope, not yet.
Do you like it?
Do you like it?
Oh, it's great.
Flap, it's great.
Oh, my God.
Leave the mattress here.
We can sleep here.
I'm really tired.
Ow! Ow!
You ever made love in Iowa?
Tommy's room is on
the other side of the hall,
so we can get noisy.
Good. You get to make
your little high-pitched squeak.
Oh! Oh! Oh!
Flap, what about you?
What about you?
Here I come.
Here I come again.
Yes! Yes!
Here I come again.
Oh, God.
You just made me wet.
How can you do that
with your voice?
You just make
your voice like that.
If Tommy can't hear us,
we can't hear Tommy.
He's fine, Mother.
Don't get pissy.
I'll be right back.
# The bells are ringing #
# For me and my gal #
# The birds are singing #
# For me and my gal #
Sing with me!
# Everybody's a-goin' #
# To a weddin' #
# They're knowin' #
# And for weeks they been callin' #
# Every Susie and Sal ##
I have papers to grade.
This isn't love, it's selfishness.
It's been a week
since we've been together.
We've never gone a week.
Sure, we have.
Only in the real pregnant months.
You're always getting home late.
Do me a favor.
Don't make me feel silly,
I won't make you feel guilty.
Fair enough.
I have to hurry.
Be a good boy.
I love that you came back.
You're saving our lives
by doing this.
Tommy, breakfast
will be ready in a minute.
Hurry. I've got
to grade those papers.
I'll give everybody a "B".
Come on.
No, wait.
Emma, come on.
Wait. Wait.
[Emma Squeaking]
[Splashing In Swimming Pool,
Garrett Shouting]
Woman Squealing]
Hi, Mother.
Could we talk later?
I've got to get the boys off.
Don't be so inconsiderate.
I'm all set to have a good talk.
What's wrong?
Stop right here.
Tell me what it is.
Okay, Mother.
I need some money.
I need you
to loan me some money.
I really need it, so will you?Let me go, just for a minute.
You're going to stare
that baby right into a coma.
Stop exaggerating.
It's not good to check
the baby every five minutes...
imagining one terrible thing
or another.
I know, I know.
Here it starts.
Here we go.
Rudyard, she's not breathing.
Honey, she's sleeping.
The baby's sleeping.
Rudyard, it's crib death.
It's sleep!
She's asleep, honey.
Come on.
Oh, good.
That's better.
No, thank you.
Uh, he was one of
the most dependable men...
that ever worked for me.
I know. Thank you.
He was a good man.
I'm real sorry
about your daddy.
Take care of your momma.
Emma, wake up, please.
Wake up.
What's wrong?
I was tense,
and I was wondering
how you were feeling.
Would you like
to sleep in my bed?
No, thank you.
Would you like to sleep
in my bed


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