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but you know me...
I'm never late.
I don't understand.
Um, if you're not happy for me...
I'm going to get so mad
if you're not happy.
Why should I...
Why should I be happy
about being a grandmother?
You won't be knitting
the baby any booties?
every time you get
more than two drinks,
you confront me.
And I won't have it.
I won't have it,
not in this house.
Excuse me.
Do you need some help?
No. I'll be fine,
as soon as I stretch my legs.
Oh, God.
Mr. Breedlove.
You're bleeding.
It's okay.
Come on in.
No, thank you.
What are you afraid of?
why not...
Why not come on in?
Because you're much older
than the boys I date,
'cause you're drunk,
and because when I went
to see an astronaut...
give a lecture,
I didn't expect him
to prowl after us.
I didn't expect some silly flirt...
to keep his jacket open...
because his belly's
getting too big.
I expected a hero.
Well, okay, Doris, don't come in.
I don't want you in my house.
Lee Anne, would you like
to come in?
You better tend to that cut.
Tommy, show me your belly.
Come on.
How can you dress him like that?
He's adorable.
Look at him.
Oh, great, Tommy.
That's Vernon.
So tell I'm, uh...
No. Tell him I'm resting.
Hi, Flap.
No. Tell me now.
I want to know now.
Oh, Flap, you didn't
expect I'd be happy.
Let's be honest
with each other...
before we start pretending.
Um, look, Mom's
staring at me right now,
so can I talk about it
later to you?
All right.
How long are you going
to keep this a secret?
The only school accepting Flap
for his associate professorship...
is in Des Moines.
He can't even do
the simple things,
like fail locally.
It's going to be fine, Momma.
It's Des Moines.
Say, "Bye-bye, house. "
Bye-bye, house.
Be careful going down
these steps.
Don't break your leg.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
Stay sweet, honey.
Uh, that's enough, Rosie.
They have to get started.
Tell Momma to drive you home
when you work late.
Have some fun, Rosie.
Don't act so brave.
I know you'll go crazy
without me to nag.
You be good to her
or else we'll get you.
I mean it.
Bye, Flap.
Have a good drive.
Okay, fingers and toes in.
Take Momma's purse.
Momma, that's the first time...
I stopped hugging first.
I like that.
Get yourself
a decent maternity dress.
Had to get one in, didn't you?
Did you tell her, Patsy?
She keeps thinking it's me.
will you be good
to your mother...
and take care of her?
Bye, Mrs. Greenway.
Write when you get there,
so I'll have your address.
You shape up, Patsy.
Dropped my gum.
We'll get you another piece.
The phone bill will be
enormous, you know that?
I'll miss you, Momma.
Can we go now?
Yeah. Pull away slow.
It will be good for us...
to be away from your...
From our families.
I miss Houston.
You don't know
how lucky you are.
Everybody wants to go
to Des Moines.
People come to get
one look at Des Moines...
before they die.
Some people say
it's the best city in Iowa.
I know you're teasing me.
Texas is the best!
I think you should stop worrying.
You'll see some
terrific new things.
We are.
Would you please, if you will,
hold it down over there?
Sorry, I can't hear you.
Hold it down!
Have some respect
for other people's feelings!
Come over a little closer.
Hey, you in the bush,
I can't hear you.
I took a sauna.
It's hard not to yell...
when you hit cold water.
You're ignoring me
when I speak?
What am I supposed to say?
It's hard not to yell...
when you hit cold water.
Hey, uh, come here.
Come here?
What is your name?
You-You want a shock?
No, not especially.
Well, we're going to have this...
dinner at, uh...
NASA dinner at the White House.
You know, some cosmonauts,
and all of us...
I didn't know
who I could take.
All the people I flew


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