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Come here.
I was curious.
Any reaction to my
telling you I love you?
I was just inches
from a clean getaway.
You're stuck, so face it.
I don't know what else to say...
except my stock answer.
Which is?
I love you, too, kid.
I took him to the airport,
and we were standing there...
hugging and kissing
and saying good-bye,
and you know what?
I told him I loved him.
You know what
his reaction was?
I don't give a shit.
I'm sick.
Not everything is about you.
I've got a lot to figure out.
I don't want to fight anymore.
What do you mean?
When do we fight?
When do we fight?
You amaze me.
I always think of us as fighting.
That's from your end.
That's 'cause you're
never satisfied with me.
Have you seen her yet today?
Yes. I've been with her...
most of last night
and today, as usual.
I haven't, uh...
really talked to the kids yet.
I'm not sure
how much they realize,
but they know
something bad's happening.
Flap, Patsy wants
to raise Melanie...
and maybe the boys.
They should be with me.
What can you be thinking about?
Raising three children,
working full time,
and chasing women,
requires more energy
than you have.
A nice quality about you...
is you recognize your weaknesses.
Don't lose that quality now,
when you need it the most.
You have no right...
nor any invitation...
to discuss where or how
my children live.
From what the doctor says...
it's time we have the talk now.
Do you know how much
I hate the idea of losing you?
Well, no...
nobody seems to know that
except you.
I just... Well.
I'm thinking about my identity,
and not having one anymore.
Who am I, if I'm not
the man who's failing Emma?
You didn't fail me, Flap.
I feel like I'm
sucking after forgiveness,
which I probably am.
You were no more
terrible than I was.
Except for the cheating.
You're right.
Let's not do this.
We had problems.
It was never over
whether we loved each other.
Oh, God! That tie!
I can't believe you wore that!
The mess it must've been finding it.
The house still isn't in one piece.
It was in the last box I looked in.
I'll bet.
God, you're easy to please.
Why couldn't I do more of it?
I'm so glad we're talking.
It means so much to me,
that we can still feel like this.
I swear, I don't know.
Listen, I am getting tired.
You really want to raise them?
I never thought
I'd give up my kids.
It's a lot of work.
As hard as you think it is,
you end up wishing
it were that easy.
Where do you want them?
I don't want them
to end up with Janice.
She's not so bad.
I really don't think
they should be with you.
to tell you
the honest truth,
I'd probably screw it up.
I'll really miss them.
Maybe Patsy should take them.
It'd be easy for me...
to work research
summers in New York.
Patsy really only
wants Melanie.
Mother should have them.
You can see them anytime.
You'll decide things
for them and everything.
She'll make that very difficult.
She won't.
I guess they should
be with your mother.
I probably have that coming.
Will you bring the boys by
That one's waiting for me.
I've got to do it.
Come on.
I've got to get ready.
The makeup!
Is it terrible to say...
I can't stand
seeing your mother...
getting her hands
on that little girl?
I'd love to raise
that little girl.
Look, I'd let you,
but Teddy couldn't spare her.
I can't stall anymore, all right?
You go out there
and send the boys in.
Do I get to say something?
We don't have
to do that, right?
Come here.
You'll be fine.
You will.
It's just this.
You're my touchstone, Emma.
The boys.
[Bed Whirring]
Come on.
I love you.
I miss you.
God, I want you to come home.
Close the door.
God, you both look
so gigantic to me.
I guess I look bad to you.
Not so bad.
You both have beautiful eyes.
Your hair's too long.
Keep your bangs cut, okay?
It's too long.
It's a matter of


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