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long as your mother
and Rosie are in town...
Not them. You.
Emma, look! Look! Look!
Are we there yet?
God! I'm here!
Isn't it beautiful?
I want you to meet
some of my friends.
Emma, this is Lizbeth.
Hi, Elizabeth.
It's Lizbeth.
Isn't that what I said?
You said, "Elizabeth."
It's Lizbeth.
Two names?
Liz Beth?
No, one. Lizbeth.
Liz Beth?
Never mind!
This is Jane.
Thank heavens!
Here, that's Melanie.
Look at that!
Teddy's the younger one,
Tommy's the older one.
Oh, isn't that...
Oh! Oh!
The little girl.
She's incredible.
Don't think
she don't know it.
Patsy's got a real thing
going with her.
Are you going back to work?
I never really worked.
Well, that's okay.
When did she find out?
About a month ago.
What's wrong?
It was a great honor meeting you.
Those children are lucky...
to have you for a mommy.
Y'all go ahead.
Take the first cab.
You're sure?
That's fine.
Bye-bye, Patsy.
You told them, didn't you?
You don't mind, do you?
Of course not.
They're jerks.
They don't know anything.
Why do they act like that?
Talk to me!
It's not you.
I don't mind them knowing.
In two hours,
two of them told me
they'd had abortions.
Three of them
are divorced.
One hasn't talked
to her mother in years,
and one has her little Natalie
in boarding school...
because she travels in her job?
I mean, hell, Patsy, that's all...
The one with the yeast disease...
that thought
she had vaginal herpes?
If that's fit
conversation for lunch,
what's so god-awful terrible
about my little tumors?
Yeah, of course, but...
What do you want me to do?
Tell them it ain't so tragic!
People do get better.
Tell them it's okay
to talk about the cancer!
Patsy tells us you have cancer.
We should talk.
I'm a nutritionist,
and my husband's with Ticketron.
Thanks, Patsy.
Have you heard anything?
Emma hasn't called you
either, huh?
No. How are the children?
I wish I were so carefree.
They have nothing
to feel ashamed about.
You always seem to lose
your manners around me.
Stop it, Flap.
If you talk to Emma, don't
sound as frightened as you do.
I don't sound frightened!
Hi, mother.
I can't talk for very long.
I think I'm coming home early.
Not really.
It's about time
we had this room.
Mother, I can't believe
you did this.
Careful! They're worth more
than you'll ever make.
I grew up with her my whole life.
You can take it for a couple minutes.
That's fine.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Oh, they're wonderful.
They look good
next to each other.
Help me with this, Melanie.
Gorgeous isn't everything.
This one, this one.
Two more.
The response to
the drugs we tried...
isn't what we hoped.
There are investigatory drugs
which we are willing to utilize.
However, if you
become incapacitated,
or it becomes unreasonable...
for you to handle your affairs,
it might be wise
to make decisions now.
Any questions?
I know what you're saying.
I have to figure out
what to do with my kids.
It's after 10:00.
Give my daughter the pain shot.
Mrs. Greenway, I was going to.
Go ahead.
Just a few minutes.
Please. It's after 10:00.
Why must she have this pain?
It's not my patient.
It's time!
Do something!
She only has to
hold on until 10:00!
It's past 10:00!
She's in pain!
Are you going to behave?
Give my daughter the shot!
Thank you very much.
Can I have 222, please?
Let's get her!
I'm pushing Grandma in!
Don't you dare!
I mean it.
Come on.
Say, "Hi, Granny."
Hi, Granny.
who would have expected you
to be a nice guy?
It's good to see you.
Take care of yourself.
I'll call you.
I'm real glad I came.
It meant a lot to Emma.
It meant a lot to me.
I'll call you.
No. If there's someone there,
I'll hear that funny sound
in your voice.
Who cares?
I don't care.
I love you.

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