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You probably know
what I'm going to say.
Oh, maybe not.
I hope not.
you're some kind of woman,
but I'm the wrong kind of man,
and it seems my shot
at being the right kind...
is as good as I was hoping for.
You don't know how much
you'll miss me.
I don't want to blow
smoke up your ass.
What a relief.
It's just that I'm starting
to feel an obligation here.
It makes it rough,
especially living next door.
I'm starting to think...
I got to watch
what I'm doing...
Blah, blah, blah,
blah, blah, blah.
I am going to miss you...
and I do feel bad.
You're lucky.
I feel humiliated.
Can I have your picture?
The one I have has Flap in it.
I don't mind.
Come here and give me a kiss.
I need this kind of type.
Fine. Hello, Emma.
Hi, baby.
She wanted her daddy
to see her dressed up.
I'll talk to you later.
Excuse me.
Don't make me run after you.
I have a toddler here.
Are you the reason that
we came to Nebraska?
I think that Flap
should talk to you.
We discussed that.
I don't want to say
anything until he does,
except that I don't think
there's an emotion you're having...
that I couldn't...
Tell you what.
If you see Flap,
tell him his wife and baby...
went to get
their flu shots, all right?
Just hold still.
That's a good girl.
Okay? You're all finished.
It's all over.
If it makes you feel better,
Mommy's getting a shot, too.
Can she have a pop?
There you go.
Will they tell me
if my husband calls?
You have a lump in your armpit.
How long has it been there?
I don't know.
Melanie, stop kicking the cabinet!
There's two of them.
Not very big, though.
I'm leaving town,
but you shouldn't wait.
They should come out.
Come out?
Should I be scared?
If you're scared,
you'll be happier...
when it turns out
to be nothing.
Dr. Budge,
Mom should get
a pop, too, for her shot.
Right. Here, Mom.
Thanks, Mel.
I know what it is.
Your sweat glands are clogged.
It's a cyst.
So I shouldn't worry?
It's a cyst, right where
your oil glands are.
You've never eaten right,
or learned how to wash.
You're right. Thanks.
Talk to Melanie.
Hello. I sent you a blouse.
Say good-bye.
Okay. Say good...
Say good-bye to your mother.
What's her name?
What did the doctor say?
It's scary that he wants
to do it so fast.
Janice, with her little folder.
"I can't say
anything until he does.
We've discussed it."
Really, Flap!
"Validate my feelings."
Your taste!
But that thing
the doctor said...
I won't make you feel better!
Dear, you have a...
- Malignancy.
Say it again.
our girl is in trouble.
She has a cyst that's malignant.
They're taking her to
a hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska.
We'll release her soon.
We do more on an outpatient basis.
She shouldn't need to come back
unless it escalates.
But you're not
telling me anything.
What are you confused about?
How is she?
I tell people to
hope for the best,
and prepare for the worst.
They let you get away with that?
You're wrong to take
a desperate attitude.
It won't do Emma any good
to get those signals.
What's wrong now?
I'm frustrated with that doctor.
You're getting out.
You don't have
to stay here again.
Unless the illness spreads.
I really don't feel sick.
Come to New York.
My treat.
We'll have to see.
Look at this letter from the kids.
Teddy says he couldn't sleep,
but Melanie could.
Tommy thinks there's
nothing to be concerned about...
I mean it!
You have some time.
Come see New York.
Not a bad idea,
a vacation by yourself.
Take advantage of your freedom.
I know you want to go.
This isn't like taking
those kids to Disneyland...
right before the end?
Patsy, I'm kidding!
Oh, good.
Do you feel funny
about leaving the kids?
I'm not leaving them.
I'm entrusting them
to their father.

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