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you're a swimmer.
Me, too.
But you're an astronaut, right?
I'm an astronaut and a swimmer.
Pretty good-looking suit there.
A little closer.
Want to see my pool?
I don't know if the time is right...
funeral and everything...
Oh, I think it is.
Come on.
I'll show you
the internationally infamous...
uh, Breedlove Crawl.
A stroke I picked up
out in space.I like the painting.
I like everything in here.
Relax, baby.
Just who do you think
you're talking to?
Don't you realize
I'm a grandmother?
It's not flattering
to look too surprised.
I'll just be a minute.
I like the lights on.
Then go home
and turn them on.
I'm sorry.
Come on.
Wake up, Dad.
Melanie's sick.
The baby's sick.
The baby's sick?
Are you coming, Flap?
What do you think's wrong?
I have to look first.
[Baby Crying]
Come on, Dad.
Thank you.
Go to bed.
She'll be all right.
I can't sleep.
It's bad enough
we're making this a drama.
It's not going to qualify
as high drama.
It's okay.
I'm sure it's the croup.
Tommy had it twice?
Guess you were in the library.
[Baby Coughing]
God, that's the worst sound
in the world.
How long do you keep her in here?
Why? Are you going back to bed?
I just asked how long.
Until her throat clears...
or I lose 20 pounds.
Whichever comes first.
I don't know.
About 20 minutes, I guess.
I've been offered a job.
Why didn't you say something?
I wanted to think about it.
It's head of the
English Department...
at Kearney State College...
For the same money.
Where is it?
I don't want to move.
I love the school,
the pediatricians...
Head of the department.
We'll talk about it, all right?
I like it here, Flap.
Head of the department.
That's... That's great.
Good-bye, Mom.
Come on, Teddy.
Don't kiss the baby.
She may still be sick.
Have a good day at school.
What a night!
Melanie decided
to get the croup,
and I haven't gotten any sleep.
He may be kidding,
but Flap says he's taking us...
to some college in Nebraska.
I think Sam is becoming
someone that I need.
I'm lying here
next to the astronaut.
Are you really?
How was it?
I'll speak to you later.
I feel so good for you.
Call me soon.
Okay, Mel.
[Garrett] I just want
to make this clear, you know.
I see other women.
I didn't exactly think
we were engaged.
Your ego. Really!
Okay. Let's stay in tonight.
You're saving a fortune on me.
I'll cook.
It's been three weeks,
and you haven't
even seen my house.
My best instincts
had me avoiding it.
What are you thinking?
I'll tell you what.
I think this is really sad...
that you need this stuff
to impress girls.
Need it?
Sometimes it isn't enough.
There's nothing wrong
with using your assets.
I think it turns your profession
into a sex trap.
Everybody uses
whatever they have.
I earned it!
There's 106 astronauts
in the whole fucking world,
and I'm one of them!
It's part of me.
Sorry. I didn't
mean to trip...
on such a deeply felt principle.
Do you want to know
what bothers me?
None of us ever
got together in one room,
locked all the doors,
and compared notes
on the experience.
I think we had to pretend...
it wasn't the fun that it was.
You do sense the speed.
I remember looking out
the window of the spacecraft...
I sound like somebody
with a big belly...
telling their stories about Korea.
Anyway, I'm looking
out the window.
I see a piece of the spacecraft,
and it's whistling
along the ground.
It doesn't make a sound.
The only sound you hear,
the only noise
in the entire world,
is your heart beating.
It's indescribable.
Anyway, I can't think
of a better way of saying it.
That was my moment,
the one that doesn't go away.
You know what I mean?
This is my moment.
No, don't get nervous.
[Girl] You don't think it's love
because we're having fun.
Love can be fun.
Would you stop making faces?


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