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Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!
We've... we've won!
Er, Mistress Doronjo, that's...
The self-destruct button.
No way!
Are you alright?
Ah, geez! That Yatterman!
They never give up!
Maybe we should make a simpler, stronger mecha...
We can't let this get us down!
How frustrating!
So you failed again.
I am Dokurobe, the god of thieves!
How long will it take for you to get the Skull Stone?
About that...
It's all Boyacky's fault!
Not me, Boyacky!
What are you saying, Mistress Doronjo?!
It's a queen's nature to push the blame to someone else.
Just take it. Just take it, Boyayan!
I don't want to hear excuses.
You will be punished!
Allow me to explain!
The Skull Stone
is a legendary stone that has appeared in a number of writings
since ancient times.
It was broken into four pieces,
which were scattered throughout the world.
However, if those four stones should come together again,
it is said that a miracle will occur.
A forest in Narway
And recently,
an archaeologist that has been devoted to researching the Skull Stones,
Doctor Kaieda, has discovered two of the pieces.
This makes two.
Who's there?
I'm not a bad guy.
I'm a Japanese archaeologist.
That stone is not meant for human hands.
Who are you?
I am a god.
Where is the first stone?
I'll never tell you!
I'll take them both!
And so, Dokurobe,
who kind of cunningly called himself "the god of thieves",
somehow or other was able to obtain one of the four stones.
And, using Doronjo and her Doronbo gang,
he searches for the remaining Skull Stones.
This is the Takada Toy Store.
And underground lies Yatterman's secret headquarters.
He is Yatterman #1, Takada Gan.
Yatterman #1
He specializes in tinkering with mecha.
She is Yatterman #2, Kaminari Ai.
Yatterman #2
This little guy is Omochama, one of Gan's creations.
He only takes two AA batteries!
Gan is the only son of this toy store.
His father is busy with toy sales overseas, and is away for a long business trip.
Gan took up his father's unfinished project, Yatterwan, and completed it.
Ai is Gan's girlfriend and the only daughter of Kaminari Electronics.
To defeat the Doronbo gang,
these two transform into Yatterman and fight once a week.
And this girl is Kaieda Shoko.
She is the only daughter of the archaeologist, Dr. Kaieda, who was attacked by Dokurobe.
So that's the Skull Stone?
My father told me to keep it.
He said he thought he was close to finding the second one, and that he was going to look for it.
But he hasn't come home.
So Doronjo and the others targeted you because of that stone.
What about your mother?
I don't have one.
My mother died right after I was born.
Since then, it's just been my father and me.
By the way,
what's a Skull Stone?
You don't know?
You fought with them even though you didn't know, koron?
What is it?
How embarrassing.
Huh?! Everyone knew about it?!
I want to see him!
My father.
I'm all alone...
I'm so lonely.
Will you help me look for my father?
Let's go, woof!
When's the next Pikopiko Runrun meeting?
The Pikopiko Runrun meeting is on Tuesday.
- Tuesday?
- Yeah.
Eh? Hey.
It's not here! It disappeared.
Seriously, Tuesday's gone.
Mine's gone, too.
Breaking news.
Now, all across the country, we are receiving reports that various things are disappearing.
For example, money from banks has vanished, or-
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Merry Doro!
Everybody, do you want to be happy?
Now, in Merry Doro, we have the world's most expensive wedding dress
that would normally go for well above 1,000,000 yen for only
100,000 yen!
100,000 yen!
100,000 yen!

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