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thief could make!
The most important thing has been stolen
from a thieving woman and a lawful woman.
Mistress Doronjo...
You mustn't say that!
And that is the heart.
My heart.
You're the one who stole it!
That came out of left field.
I won't forgive you.
For stealing from a thief, I'll never forgive you!
I believe in the god of thieves.
He'll let me steal your heart!
But for that...
You're just in the way!
Let her go!
Get away!
Get away from her!
is one together!
You only realized that now?
Took you long enough.
She got dumped!
Mistress Doronjo was totally dumped, huh?
But isn't that great, Boyayan?
I'll never forgive him.
How dare he...
How dare he break Mistress Doronjo's heart!
I'll never forgive anyone
who hurts Mistress Doronjo!
Well it's complicated, Boyayan.
Shut up!
Thank you, Boyacky.
It's fun to be in love, isn't it?
Let's always be friends!
Okay, let's settle this once and for all.
I accept!
Yes, Mistress Doronjo?
I'm counting on you, Genius Boyacky.
Get them, Genius Boyacky!
If you flatter a pig, he'll climb up a tree, too!
Oink oink!
Look out!
Oh crap!
Alright! Alright! Alright!
Huh? Huh? I can't get loose.
Huh? Wha? I can't get loose. Hey!
Super Mecha Bone!
I'm free!
Here is this week's surprise mini-mecha!
Flying flying flying fish...
An eye for an eye!
A fish mecha for a fish mecha!
Hamachi, hamachi, hamachi.
Hamachi, hamachi...
Flying fish, flying flying flying fish...
Hamachi, hamachi...
We're done for, Boyacky!
Let me show you how a genius does it.
Or: "Hamachi Mecha Evolution Fish Attack"!
Eh, Hamachi Mechas, you've done well.
You can evolve!
Alright, go ahead!
Evolve, evolve, evolve...
Allow me to explain.
These fish have changed into what they call "Evolution Fish".
These include yellowtail, sea bass, and striped mullet among others.
In this scene, the hamachi have evolved all at once into yellowtail.
Yellowtail, yellowtail, yellowtail...
Oh no!
Even if the flying fish evolve, they'll just be flying fish.
Okay, you guys. Destroy King!
What what what is this?!
What's going on, Boyayan?!
Hey! You guys! Your target's over there!
King, King!!
Boyayan, what's going on?
They evolved too far and won't do what they're told.
You idiots!
Enough! You are of no use to me!
I am Dokurobe, the god of thieves!
Th-that's Master Dokurobe?
Heed my words! Tap tap tap!
Yes, master!
Dokurobe is a skull...
(dokuro = skull)
That's just what you are!
This is just a mask to conceal my true identity!
Then show us your true self!
You want to see my face?
I do! Show me!
This man tried to steal my Skull Stones.
So as a punishment, I took this body!
That's crazy.
That man realized
that if the four Skull Stones came together, it would disrupt the flow of time.
And so he tried to stop me to prevent that from happening.
As if I would allow that!
If the four Skull Stones come together and time warps,
a crack will form.
Using that crack, I can go to the past and the future!
I can steal anything from any time I like!
Is that your real reason for stealing the Skull Stones?!
That's right.
Then I can become the god of thieves!
Huh? Become a god?
Eh, so, you're not a god?
I don't believe it...
And the entrance to the flow of time...
Look, here it comes!
Stop! Ow!!
Stop it, Father!
That just looks like him, it's not your father!
It's my father.
He's my father!
Stop it, Father!
Stop it!
- Shoko!
- Leave her!
Yatterman is an ally of justice!
We have to save her!
Justice isn't just saving people!
There are some things that people have to overcome on their own.
Right now, the only one who should be fighting Dokurobe
is Shoko and Shoko

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