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you try to leave without paying,
you'll have to go through me first!
It's done.
This is our greatest invention.
Squid Tagosaku!
With this, the last Skull Stone in the Southern Halps
will be ours, no problem.
This is bad!
What is that thing?!
Squid Tagosaku
Hey, what's with that cloud?
It's ominous!
Something bad is going to happen!
I've gathered all the data, and now I'll analyze it, koron!
Ah! Could this be...
Ahhh, koron!
Shoko, it's dangerous so keep out of the way.
What are you doing?
Because of this thing, tons of stuff is disappearing.
I should just break it. Out of the way.
This is something precious from my father.
I've got it, koron!
Gan! You can't break that, koron!
Why not?
I realized something, koron!
The Skull Stone is...
The Skull Stone is...
Ugh... Gan!
What's wrong?
He disappeared... Omochama.
At a time like this?
What is it?
Doronjo has found the last Skull Stone.
They're heading for the Southern Halps.
I'm coming, too.
I want to know the truth.
This is the data that Omochama was analyzing.
What does it say?
If all the Skull Stones are brought together, it destroys the flow of time!
What in the world?
Because time is being reordered,
things are vanishing.
So if all four are together, we'll be in trouble!
The world might disappear!
No way.
But it says that in the instant the four pieces come together,
it will become ineffective.
Which means...
If we destroy it right at that instant,
we may be able to reverse all the damage!
Well let's go to the Southern Halps.
Time to transform!
Got it.
But #1, if we don't have Yatterwan...
He's back.
And stronger.
I made him from Yatterwan's core parts.
I'm Yatterking, woof!
He can't get out.
I made him too big.
Yatta! Yatta! Yatterman!
You're kidding...
For your safety, please run away.
For your safety, please run away.
Burning behind his red mask
Lies a heart of justice
Here he goes, he's strong, he won't lose
Chasing the wind and the clouds,
to the ends of the ends of the Earth
Come and get him, rotten Doronbo
He'll get you in one go
Bull Dozilla
Panda Little Panda
At your service
(Acho! Hyo hyo hyo hyo!)
Living clean and brightly
Kendamagic (sole)
Electric stick (shoo)
Yatta! Yatta! Yatterman!
I can't take it!
No more!
Today is to the east, tomorrow is to the west
He's coming for the bad guys
Just leave it to the mecha
Risking their lives for dreams, love, and peace
It's useless to run away, Doronbo!
Southern Halps
They'll get you in one go
Bull Dozilla
Panda Little Panda
They're invincible
(Acho! Hyo hyo hyo hyo!)
They are wise and brave
Kendamagic (sole)
Electric stick (shoo)
Yatta! Yatta! Yatterman! (whoo!)
That's huge!
As long as Yatterman is here,
evil will not prosper in this world!
We've already gotten the last piece!
Hand over the two pieces you have!
No, you hand yours over!
I've been waiting for you!
Mistress Doronjo.
Where are we?
Clean out your ears and listen carefully!
I have prepared an appropriate setting for the final battle.
Now hand over the Skull Stones!
Well now, Doronjo.
Show your devotion to the god of thieves!
God is absolute!
Yatterman #1, are you ready?
You guys, get him!
Yes, Mistress!
Squid Ink Machine Gun!
Squid ink loaded!
Take this! And this!
- Now!
- Yes!
Squid ink bomb go!
Electric stick!
This squid ink is replenished by electric shock.
It's eco-friendly!
#2, are you alright?
Don't worry about me.
Just leave me alone!
I made the worst mistake a

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