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that's hot...
Boyacky, we're in trouble!
Run away! Escape!
Escape button!
Ready, here we go!
Aahh! I can't push it!
Oh, oh, yes! Yes!
I can't stand it any longer, woof!
Oh, yes!
I'm coming!
Calm down, Yatterwan!
What do you two think you're doing?!
Mr. Yatterwan!
I'm coming!
It's not safe, let's get outta here!
This way, koron!
Wait right there!
Give me the Skull Stone!
This belongs to her.
We won't give it to you!
Mistress Doronjo!
Boyayan! Hang in there!
Hol- I don't think it's gonna...
I don't think this will work, wait, I don't...
Mistress Doronjo, are you hurt?
He's naked, koron.
Mistress Doronjo, I can't escape like this!
Leave me and save yourself!
What are you saying?!
Boyayan, we can forget about your shame!
We don't care how much we see of you!
You can live.
You can live, Boyayan!
Oh no, oink!
How touching, oink!
How touching, oink!
This doesn't mean I saved you.
I just don't want
to win this way.
Let's go.
My throat is so dry...
You idiots!
Why didn't you leave the girl
and steal the Skull Stone?! You stupidfaces!
Yes, master!
You're so thirsty that you can't talk?
Drink this.
It's water.
What was that sound?
What's this?
I'm not that naive!
That cap is the switch for your punishment!
It's your punishment!
What does a kiss feel like?
It's nothing special.
You only get excited the first time.
Is that so?
You'd know if you did it once.
It's nothing for Taka to kiss someone.
Those jerks...
Especially #1!
Hang in there.
Mistress Doronjo!
Don't just barge in here, you per...
I am Dokurobe!
Heed my words!
I've got more orders for you.
Thank you, Master!
It's almost time for our final battle.
I have information that the final Skull Stone
lies deep within the mountains of the Southern Halps.
You must get it!
And also, Doronjo.
Don't mix love and work.
It's for your own good.
You have to forget about that man.
Thieves aren't allowed to fall in love?
Are you going against me, Doronjo?
It's my first love.
Then your punishment will be small.
Doronjo. You belong to me.
You belong to me.
You belong to me.
And then...
Without Gan and the others knowing,
the disasters began to get worse.
Yeah, yeah. Yay.
Treasured things began disappearing.
Not only in Japan, throughout the world,
things started to vanish.
And then,
things that mustn't disappear disappeared.
Jumbo Pachinko
Jaa... mbo... chi...
I can't say it!
When the Skull Stones light up, something vanishes, koron!
Is it possibly possible that...
Please, help yourselves.
Horse mackerel, mackerel, salmon roe.
Yes, here you go.
We have sea bream, too!
Today we have an earth-shattering sushi illusion!
Welcome to Dokuro Sushi!
We appreciate your support.
Today we have special opening day prices!
White plates are 20 yen.
Blue plates are 40 yen! We're practically giving it away!
Here is your gigantic miso soup!
Whoa! It's huge!
It's free!
The gigantic miso soup comes with the meal!
Everyone, eat as much as you like!
Ah, I'm full.
I can't eat another bite.
Not only was it incredibly good, but it was so cheap, too.
That was delicious. You are truly skilled.
Of course! How skilled! Wonderful!
Ah, thank you for the meal.
Who are you?
I think I've heard that voice before...
Thank you for the food.
- Could I have the check please?
- Thank you so much!
Yes! Right away!
Yes, yes, yes! Here!
Huh? What is that?
Gold plates are 100,000 yen a piece.
Hey, w- huh? What's with that dryer thing?
That's fraud! Right, Sensei?
This is Dokuro Sushi's specialty.
Yes, yes, yes!
Your family's total comes to 600,000 yen!
Thank you for your patronage!

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