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see my face?
I do! Show me!
This man tried to steal my Skull Stones.
So as a punishment, I took this body!
That's crazy.
That man realized
that if the four Skull Stones came together, it would disrupt the flow of time.
And so he tried to stop me to prevent that from happening.
As if I would allow that!
If the four Skull Stones come together and time warps,
a crack will form.
Using that crack, I can go to the past and the future!
I can steal anything from any time I like!
Is that your real reason for stealing the Skull Stones?!
That's right.
Then I can become the god of thieves!
Huh? Become a god?
Eh, so, you're not a god?
I don't believe it...
And the entrance to the flow of time...
Look, here it comes!
Stop! Ow!!
Stop it, Father!
That just looks like him, it's not your father!
It's my father.
He's my father!
Stop it, Father!
Stop it!
- Shoko!
- Leave her!
Yatterman is an ally of justice!
We have to save her!
Justice isn't just saving people!
There are some things that people have to overcome on their own.
Right now, the only one who should be fighting Dokurobe
is Shoko and Shoko alone.
Stop it!
Stop it, Dokurobe!
You were still alive?
You're powerless!
Time should flow freely and majestically!
It's not for you to manipulate!
You're wrong!
Skull Stones!
Your father's gonna get rid of this guy!
I don't know what will happen to me.
Even if you're alone, you have to be strong and keep living.
I believe in you.
Stop that nonsense!
It's not nonsense!
You'll never defeat me!
Shut up, you demon!
It's foul play to poke me in the eyes!
You kicked me in the balls! Play by the rules!
Those aren't my balls!
Why are you kicking me in the balls?
Cut it out!
I can't take it!
My balls can't take much more!
My balls can't take it!
Father! Father!
I can't lose you, Father!
Cut it out, you sneaky jerk!
Saying you're a god... You sure pulled the wool over my eyes!
You stupidface!
Ah... yeah.
Shoko, it hurts.
It hurts.
It hurts.
This... hurts.
- Shoko!
- Father!
Now, everything will be mine!
My sweet Doronjo, I want you!
Come with me!
Let go of Mistress Doronjo!
Let her go! Let Mistress Doronjo go!
I won't let you take Boyayan alone!
I'm coming, too!
Oh no!
The right timing for me to step up has completely passed!
Without a rival, love is boring too, isn't it?
What an infuriating woman you are.
Ah! What's this, koron?!
Ah, Omochama!
Doronjo! Come with me!
Mistress Doronjo!
Double attack!
We did it!
You idiots!
What was that, koron?
What was all that fuss, koron?
Thank goodness.
Omochama came back, too.
Eh? "Too"?
Why am I "too", koron?!
Welcome back, Omochama.
I owe you so much for taking care of my daughter.
Not at all.
Mr. #1.
Thank you for teaching me how to show my courage.
Thank you,
Ms. #2.
I am #2, but not "Ms. #2".
You don't need the "Ms.".
Children don't have to understand.
Shoko, want to go home?
Take care, koron.
Goodbye! I hope we meet again, koron!
Alright, shall we?
The pose of victory!
Yatta! Yatta! Yatterman!
I guess this is goodbye.
You can let another into your heart.
You can be perverts for the rest of your lives.
You can even live your youth again.
Mistress Doronjo!
A good woman doesn't look back.
Take care!
Oink! How sad, how sad! Oink!
So sad! Oink!
How sad! Oink! Oink! Oink!
The full moon in the sky is shining bright.
No, the skull moon.
Yatterman is shining above the Earth.
They have come all this way for justice.
But nearing the end, they hear this beautiful voice.
Clearly, rightly, beautifully.
You can do it! Yatta! Yatta!
It's a brand new world
Sakurai Sho

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