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of the archaeologist, Dr. Kaieda, who was attacked by Dokurobe.
So that's the Skull Stone?
My father told me to keep it.
He said he thought he was close to finding the second one, and that he was going to look for it.
But he hasn't come home.
So Doronjo and the others targeted you because of that stone.
What about your mother?
I don't have one.
My mother died right after I was born.
Since then, it's just been my father and me.
By the way,
what's a Skull Stone?
You don't know?
You fought with them even though you didn't know, koron?
What is it?
How embarrassing.
Huh?! Everyone knew about it?!
I want to see him!
My father.
I'm all alone...
I'm so lonely.
Will you help me look for my father?
Let's go, woof!
When's the next Pikopiko Runrun meeting?
The Pikopiko Runrun meeting is on Tuesday.
- Tuesday?
- Yeah.
Eh? Hey.
It's not here! It disappeared.
Seriously, Tuesday's gone.
Mine's gone, too.
Breaking news.
Now, all across the country, we are receiving reports that various things are disappearing.
For example, money from banks has vanished, or-
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Merry Doro!
Everybody, do you want to be happy?
Now, in Merry Doro, we have the world's most expensive wedding dress
that would normally go for well above 1,000,000 yen for only
100,000 yen!
100,000 yen!
100,000 yen!
Happiness is
100,000 yen!
How inexpensive!
Excuse me, is it really only 100,000 yen?
It really is.
Um, we've both been divorced
Are there age restrictions?
Is it really true?
You're persistent.
So, you,
and you, and you
can become this beautiful for just 100,000 yen!
Everyone, you can have a beautiful dress like this for only 100,000 yen!
You can have your pick!
How beautiful...
Boyayan, this is work, got it? Work!
What do you think?
We're gonna be rolling in cash!
- I'll take one!
- Me, too!
I'll buy! Please!
Thank you, come again!
Alright alright!
Merry Doro, huh?
Could it possibly be possible, koron?
Alright, congratulations! Congratulations!
Sutta monda kotta monda
yatta monda

Yatta monda kotta monda
sutta monda
My head is clear
hey hey hey
Our ideas work perfectly
hey hey hey
I want them, I want them
I want the Skull Stones
We're dead set on getting them
We don't care if we trick you
We're geniuses
hey hey hey
Don don Doronbo
Sutta monda kotta monda
yatta monda
Do you want to be happy?
Do you want to be beautiful?
So what should you do?
100,000 yen!
Nantettatte kantettatte
Antettatte kantettatte
Scamming is my specialty
hey hey hey
I love fraud
hey hey hey
Bad things are awesome
We'll make you go numb and then feel again
We don't care if we trick you
We're invincible
hey hey hey
Don don Doronbo
Nantetatte kantetatte
It's done.
We used all the money we got to build this new mecha.
We call it Virgin Roader.
A creation inspired by the image of Mistress Doronjo as a bride.
Love comes before marriage, you know.
Yes. Then I, though unworthy, shall take my partner in glorious love...
Come, Boyacky.
If we can't win with this mecha,
I won't let you get away for free.
But of course, Mistress Doronjo!
It will definitely, well, maybe be okay, I think.
I am Dokurobe, the god of thieves!
Heed my words!
Yes, master!
Have you discovered the locations of the Skull Stones?
Mistress Doronjo.
If all the Skull Stones are collected, a miracle occurs.
If we get them, our dreams can come true.
Dreams come true?
All the high school girls in the country.
All the high school girls in the country.
All the high school


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