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I love fraud
hey hey hey
Bad things are awesome
We'll make you go numb and then feel again
We don't care if we trick you
We're invincible
hey hey hey
Don don Doronbo
Nantetatte kantetatte
It's done.
We used all the money we got to build this new mecha.
We call it Virgin Roader.
A creation inspired by the image of Mistress Doronjo as a bride.
Love comes before marriage, you know.
Yes. Then I, though unworthy, shall take my partner in glorious love...
Come, Boyacky.
If we can't win with this mecha,
I won't let you get away for free.
But of course, Mistress Doronjo!
It will definitely, well, maybe be okay, I think.
I am Dokurobe, the god of thieves!
Heed my words!
Yes, master!
Have you discovered the locations of the Skull Stones?
Mistress Doronjo.
If all the Skull Stones are collected, a miracle occurs.
If we get them, our dreams can come true.
Dreams come true?
All the high school girls in the country.
All the high school girls in the country.
All the high school girls in the country.
All the high school girls in the country.
All the high school girls in the country.
All the high school girls in the country.
It's almost time, isn't it?
It'd be great if it's a boy.
Skull Stone...
I want it!
Now's not the time for fantasizing!
Yes, master!
The girl you let get away is the daughter of the archaeologist.
She definitely has the first piece.
But for now, for your next mission, you need to hurry to Ogypt.
The third Skull Stone is in Ogypt?
You're beautiful today as well.
I know you can do it.
I'm counting on you.
The smoke disappears.
His order remains.
You're really just like a fart.
Well, let's set out for Ogypt!
This is bad, koron!
Virgin Roader
When Dr. Kaieda last set out, where did he say he was going?
From a forest in Narway to Ogypt.
Wanna go to Ogypt?
Huh?! Wait, Gan!
You want to bring her along?
Time to transform!
Time to transform!
Yatterwan, let's go!
Shoko, come on!
Mr. Gan!
Off to Ogypt, koron!
Ooh woof woof woof
Ooh jin jin jin
You say woof (wan)
two three
The sound of a siren (ooh)
rings out loud
Both sides of the Earth (zip)
in one flight
Now he's setting out (oh)
His heart of justice is hidden behind his mask
He'll beat up the Doronbo gang
Your ETC Card has been inserted.
His engine trembles and rumbles on
His legs jingle
In a pose of victory
Yeah! Acho!
He's surprisingly strong
Yatta! Yatta! Yatta! Yatta!
Give it to 'em (thud)
you've got guts
Attack those (ooh)
bad guys' mechas
To the ends of the Earth (zoom)
in one flight
He's at your service (oh)
With his tiny robots at his side
He'll kick the Doronbo gang
He digs right in
His legs jingle
In a pose of victory
Yeah! Acho!
He's mysteriously strong
Yatta! Yatta! Yatta! Yatta!
Spooky, koron.
- Shoko?
- What's wrong?
Is she okay, koron?
Something bit me!
A scorpion.
You jerk!
Where did it sting you?
Out of the way!
Wait a sec, #1!
Get off!
I sucked out all the poison, so you should be fine.
Thank you.
What if my father was stung by a scorpion, and the poison...
Dr. Kaieda isn't dead.
You don't know that!
Why are you so sure?
He can't be dead! Dr. Kaieda is alive.
That's what I believe.
Wow, this is amazing, koron!
Could it be...
A Skull Stone?
We actually found it pretty easily, koron.
What is that?
Virgin Roader!
Thanks for finding it for us.
We'll take that Skull Stone.
Boyacky! Tonzra! Get

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