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they great because they are rich?
There are great people with no money.
What kind of person are you, father?
Why are you always asking questions like this?
I won't be great even if I work hard.
I'm not scared about you.
You are a coward, father.
You have no ambition.
Stop it. Good kids shouldn't say this.
I'm stronger than Taro,
and I'm smarter than him at school.
I'm not going to school any more,
if I'll become Taro's servant.
Brother, Did you get bullied?
No matter how he beats me,
he's not a great person.
He's a so tough kid.
I can't go on without sake.
Can you just say somethig kind to the kids?
I can understand them.
But is there any other way
to tell them in that situation?
Can you persuade them like this?
These problems wil be with them until they die.
If fact, I don't want to
lick the manager's ass either.
It's so stupid.
But it also makes our life better.
I know.
But I don't know if they are gonna
live like us in the future.
Don't become the employee of Yakuza like me.
Next morning
Come back early before your father gets angry.
I won't eat.
Me neither.
Bring some with you.
You can become greater person than me
after you grow up, can't you?
If you don't, mother will be worried.
What kind of person do you want to be?
I want to be a lieutenant general.
Why don't you want to be a general?
Because brother wants to be the general,
so I can't.
Then, usual way.
Father, it's better for you to bow.
Your father and my father,
which one is greater?
Your father.
Actually your father is greater.
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