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's very comfortable,
and better to the kids.
Manager wants to see you.
It's said good for the kids.
Moving to a place close to the manager's house.
Isn't something missing here?
How's your Calligraphy?
You would know how to write if you were the teacher.
A, I got A.
Then, what do you want papa to buy, as a present?
Brother, I did it.
Coward, why you didn't come to school?
You dare to say it again?
That guy wants to save the pleasure for later.
Teacher is coming.
I thought they were in the school everyday.
But the teacher said,
it'd be nice if he wasn't ill.
I'll take care as soon as I can.
Ryoichi got A.
Papa, you must be tired after working in the office.
What school did you guys go to?
Where did you write that Calligraphy?
Why you guys didn't go to school?
Don't you guys want to become inportant men?
We want to,
but some bad guys will come to fight us.
Just ignore them.
That won't work.
They just want to fight anyway.
Next morning --
If the level crossing is still closed,
we won't be able to go to school.
Papa told us to ignore them.
Anyway, they will come to fight to us.
If we could fight them, that'd be nice.
Can I go to bathroom?
It is a sparrow egg.
Why do you bring this to class?
For the fight.
To win, brother, you have to eat one.
Eat this, and you'll be stronger.
Do you know why mother is happy today?
Because they pay the money to papa today.
I found a nest of sparrows.
I believe that mother will buy some beer today.
Do you want some?
6 bottles more please.
You should give a lesson to that bastard Kamekichi.
It's my lucky day today!
You should take it to the police as soon as you can.
Maybe you can get 1cent.
Do you want me to change it?
Uncle, we are coming,
please wait a moment.
If you bully them again,
I won't let you be happy.
Help me beat him too.
He's my client.
He bought much more than you.
Who made my kid cry?
His father is great.
Speaking of which,
My father is always the best.
Papa, you want a caramel?
Your father, can he put in and remove teeth like mine?
My father has many suits.
Sure, he's a tailor, isn't he?
My father is the greatest.
That's my father's car.
My father is the greatest.
My father's car is much more beautiful.
Your father has a bussiness of
funeral pomps, doesn't he?
The sparrow eggs began to produce
an unexpected effect couple days later.
Since there's no distemper,
but the loss of hair is abnormal,
It must be something that he ate is wrong.
Take some of this medicine to see if it'll work.
The brother should take some too,
maybe it's good for you.
Why you don't fall down?
Because there are guests in my house tonight.
I'll be in beatiful suit.
Taro's father will project films tonight.
I can go because I gave you the sparrow egg.
You have no egg so you can't.
That night --
I've brought the egg,
so please let me see the film.
You guys also come here.
Where is the toothpaste?
It's with the cork in the tail.
Are they black lines on white background,
or white lines on black background?
Black lines on white background.
No, they are white lines on black background.
If you guys don't shut up,
please go back to your home.
Yoshii seems to be a funny guy.
He took all this pictures.
That's reluctant.
Your father is a really interesting person.
Do you think my father is great?
Sure, he's great.
Idiot. Why is he great?
Did you guys come back?
Father you always want me to be a great man,
but you're not very great.
I don't understand
why you're so self abased with Taro's father.
Because Taro's father is the manager.
Then why don't you become the manager too?
It's not that easy.
I'm an employee in Mr. Iwasaki's company.
So I get paid from Taro's father.
Then don't get his money.
We can do it.
If I don't get paid,
You can't go to school,
and you'll have no food.
The we can eat nothing from tomorrow.
Why is Taro's father the manager,
but my father can't be?
Taro's family is rich.
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