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have no egg so you can't.
That night --
I've brought the egg,
so please let me see the film.
You guys also come here.
Where is the toothpaste?
It's with the cork in the tail.
Are they black lines on white background,
or white lines on black background?
Black lines on white background.
No, they are white lines on black background.
If you guys don't shut up,
please go back to your home.
Yoshii seems to be a funny guy.
He took all this pictures.
That's reluctant.
Your father is a really interesting person.
Do you think my father is great?
Sure, he's great.
Idiot. Why is he great?
Did you guys come back?
Father you always want me to be a great man,
but you're not very great.
I don't understand
why you're so self abased with Taro's father.
Because Taro's father is the manager.
Then why don't you become the manager too?
It's not that easy.
I'm an employee in Mr. Iwasaki's company.
So I get paid from Taro's father.
Then don't get his money.
We can do it.
If I don't get paid,
You can't go to school,
and you'll have no food.
The we can eat nothing from tomorrow.
Why is Taro's father the manager,
but my father can't be?
Taro's family is rich.
Are they great because they are rich?
There are great people with no money.
What kind of person are you, father?
Why are you always asking questions like this?
I won't be great even if I work hard.
I'm not scared about you.
You are a coward, father.
You have no ambition.
Stop it. Good kids shouldn't say this.
I'm stronger than Taro,
and I'm smarter than him at school.
I'm not going to school any more,
if I'll become Taro's servant.
Brother, Did you get bullied?
No matter how he beats me,
he's not a great person.
He's a so tough kid.
I can't go on without sake.
Can you just say somethig kind to the kids?
I can understand them.
But is there any other way
to tell them in that situation?
Can you persuade them like this?
These problems wil be with them until they die.
If fact, I don't want to
lick the manager's ass either.
It's so stupid.
But it also makes our life better.
I know.
But I don't know if they are gonna
live like us in the future.
Don't become the employee of Yakuza like me.
Next morning
Come back early before your father gets angry.
I won't eat.
Me neither.
Bring some with you.
You can become greater person than me
after you grow up, can't you?
If you don't, mother will be worried.
What kind of person do you want to be?
I want to be a lieutenant general.
Why don't you want to be a general?
Because brother wants to be the general,
so I can't.
Then, usual way.
Father, it's better for you to bow.
Your father and my father,
which one is greater?
Your father.
Actually your father is greater.movie info: XVID 576x432 23.976fps 699.9 MB
The illustrated book for the adults.
Go back to tell mom
that I'm going to greet Mr. Iwasaki.
It seems that Yoshi went to greet the Manager.
It's a must if you want to promote.
Making up to the upper.
Call somebody out from the house.
I'm the salesman of sake.
Thanks but we have sufficient for today.
The students are here playing,
so please don't worry.
A very strange guy came.
They are very naughty.
Boys like them should be naughty.
You look sick.
Don't give him anything to eat.
He is ill in stomach.
Who made my brother cry?
Where did you come from?
Azabu, Tokyo.
I'll make you feel sorry,
if you go to school.
Since we've already moved here,
we should get along with the kids here.
In the morning --
Was it interesting at school?
It's interesting going to school,
so is coming back.
I was really in bad mood during that moment.
Aren't you going to school?
I must get all A's at this school.
papa got all A's in Calligraphy and Mathematics.
It's already begun.
That bastard.
Though it's still a little early,
let's have lunch.
I forgot to bring chopsticks.
I want a A in Calligraphy today.
How's your living in the suburb?
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