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This is
the best part.
you wanna come over
and take a look at this?
Dispatch, Unit 7.
Unit 7,
come in, please.
Please copy.
Wonderful. Great!
Just what I need.
Come again? You're--
Uh, request,
uh, cadaver--
I can't hear you!
No, no, no!
I said "missing"!
The body's missing!
It's the second one
Confirmed. That
makes two tonight,
right, Lieutenant?
Ha, ha.
That's very funny.
And you want
to shut up about it?
It's been so long.
So very long.
Wake up,
old friend.
It is our time.
And you put the candle
next to your bed
like this.
Your mom did this
when you were a little girl?
It means
"I love you."
And as long
as it's here, nothing
bad can happen.
Sean says
when it lightnings,
monsters come.
Oh, he's just trying
to scare you, honey.
Will lightning
hit the house?
The candle
keeps it away?
That's right.
Say goodnight
to Scraps.
Goodnight, Scraps.
Good night, Emily.
Good night,
Are you gonna
yell at him?
I love your father.
I mean Sean,
for scaring me.
Of course you did.
I'll talk to him
about it, sweetheart.
Sweet dreams.
You're thinki''
about your job,
isn't that right?
I can see it
in your eyes, Del.
Yeah! I'm glad you can
see it in my eyes,
'cause for a minute there
I thought I had you fooled.
Come on, this isn't--
No, come on!
Look in my eyes.
Look in my eyes!
I'll think
about stuff,
and you can tell me
when I'm
thinking correctly!
Keep your
voice down.
I don't want
the children--
I had a lousy night,
all right?
Every night
I have a lousy night.
I'm sorry it's such
a pain in the ass for you
with my stupid little job!
I am trying to explain--
Some guy steals
a priceless Egyptian mummy...
That happens every day.
Skip that.
Then I get a call
from some nutcase
who's shouting
he's a werewolf!
Huh? You like that?
What do they do?
They blow him away
right there
in the police station!
Wait a minute!
There is more to this!
...marriage counseling!
For what?
There's a monster
in my closet.
Damn, son, look!
All of these monsters!
Come on,
all of you monsters,
outta here!
out of this room!
Come-- Ahh, ahh!
You, on the bed.
Come on. Out. Out.
Take a hike.
There he goes.
You see
any more monsters?
In the closet?
Sure. We can go
into the closet.
We can do that.
Okay, monsters!
Look at that big,
scary monster!
Listen. You are
not gonna sleep
with your mother
and me tonight,
so you can
forget it.
And keep this up,
and you're not gonna look
at those monster magazines.
We're all here.
the deal?
What the hell's
Monster Squad?
It's us.
the Monster
Since when?
Since now!
What's a "squad"?
It's like
Miami Vice, I think.
Look. I think
there's monsters.
Like, real ones.
I heard my dad talking
on the telephone
to a guy down
at the police station.
There was a guy screaming
he was a werewolf.
And they shot him.
And the body disappeared
from the coroner van.
And the coroner guy
was dead.
So what? He got shot,
and the werewolf
took his body?
No, you pinhead!
He was a werewolf!
But if they shot him...
They must've been
regular bullets,
not silver ones.
Look, I know
this will sound
pretty stupid,
but a mummy disappeared
from the museum tonight.
Mummy came
in my house.
And, guys...
Dracula might
be here, too.
Aw, man,
Fat Kid farted!
Oh, God.
Did not.
Can't you
hold it? God!
God damn it,
would you shut up?
Did you hear
a word I said?
The guys are dead!
Get a clue!
Something's out there,
and it's killin' people!
And if it's monsters,
nobody's gonna do a thing
about it but us.
So, what do we do?
Think this book
might be important.
Look. It's
Van Helsing's


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