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Вынужденная посадка

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- Yes.
It was the Germans executing
five airmen in the woods.
Now we can put them back.
Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day
our daily bread.
Forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive...
- Quiet. Go!
- It won't start.
- Did you hook up the gas line?
- I wasn't born yesterday.
Has it broken down?
Yes. Can you give us a ride?
Okay, if you'd like to.
Come on, guys.
We'll get a ride with the Germans.
God almighty!
- Take it easy.
- Now it wants to drive!
Are you ready?
No one shoots unless ordered.
- Are you ready?
- Ready.
- Are you ready?
- A mosquito bit me on the ass.
- Isn't it coming soon?
- Are you nervous?
- We're going to England.
- We know a shortcut.
You there! Stop!
- Your papers.
- Thank you.
Your papers, Jewish bastard.
Keep your calm.
Get them back in the truck.
- They're running late.
- They should've been here by now.
I guess we have to
keep them here until midnight.
We do.
There they are.
Just in the nick of time.
- We have to go at once.
- What happened?
- They're holding the Germans back.
- Did they see you?
They saw me and Henrik.
- I'll cast off then.
- Wait.
You have to go with them.
- Me?
- You have to go to Sweden.
Are you crazy? Our wedding
was announced in the church.
- You have to get married in Sweden.
- Give those to the old bell-ringer.
They know your face now, Hans.
All right. Tell Kristin I'll wait
for her at the pier in Stromstad.
Henrik and her
will be on the next boat.
- He'll come back to you soon.
- I want to tell him to hurry home.
What a day!
In a couple of days
they'll be on their wings again.
Subtitles: Malene Hollnagel
Scandinavian Text Service 2008
Вынужденная посадка

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