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Вынужденная посадка

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What's gotten into you?
I was afraid
something had happened to you.
Where is he?
Kristin, hurry home
and make sure he stays there.
So he is?
So he is on the wrong side.
He won't harm you.
Just go.
But will he harm you?
Not if you look after him.
Please go.
You're busy today, aren't you?
You've been all over the place.
A doctor is always busy.
- Are you looking for something?
- What do you mean?
- Where are you going now?
- To the priest. He's ill.
- Heinrich!
- Yes, sir!
To the priest.
- He wasn't there.
- He must be here somewhere.
He's the one who's playing.
He has come to his own funeral.
And he's even playing at it.
Hans! Don't...
Here in the church.
No. But he has to get out.
Quick. And you have to take him.
- Me?
- Yes. Take him to the woods.
- Tell him you'll help him.
- Oh no.
- You have to do this, Kristin.
- Oh, no.
Will someone follow us?
He's much more dangerous
than you think.
Very dangerous.
But he's just sitting there playing.
He thinks he's all alone.
We have a crew here. We can't take
a chance on a condemned informer.
You do understand
why he came here?
Will it be you who follows us?
Someone will take over in the woods.
You just run. And don't look back.
Will it be you, Hans?
Don't ask.
I went in without asking permission.
It's a good organ.
It's not nice to play
with a straw in your mouth.
I neither smoke nor drink, Kristin.
I came for you.
We have to get going at once.
- You've found a hiding place?
- I'm taking you there now.
- Is it far from here?
- No.
- That wasn't far.
- Alf!
Go down the stairs.
- If you scream, you're a dead man.
- If you shoot me, so are you.
Sit down.
Sit down.
- Hans!
- Kristin's okay, right?
She's okay.
But she's very downhearted.
Tell her I'll be there soon.
And get Knut. Hurry!
Tell him to bring his suitcase.
Well, the fever's gone.
Are you convinced now?
You forgot
to examine my tongue.
Let me see, please.
- Did I insult anyone?
- No, not at all.
- So now I can get out of bed.
- No, stay, until you go to church.
The Americans must wait till tonight.
The hearse'll be here any minute.
- I can't take a chance on Strawman.
- Strawman's in the attic.
Hans doesn't know what to do.
You have to help.
- Where is he?
- In there.
- It was stupid of him to come.
- Yes, but...
An order is an order.
They're coming, Hans!
- The Germans?
- Yes.
So Strawman
got the best of us.
- We'll shoot our way out. Eddie...
- Hans!
What on earth are they?
They're going to bury Al.
Now we've got the chance.
Bandage up Eddie and Strawman.
- Bandages?
- From the neck and up.
We have to get them out. Hurry up.
- Do we need two?
- Yes, there's one more.
Henrik will take the rest
in the truck.
Kristin, go and tell Wille he can
get up for the evening service.
Hans, I've hidden Pat.
He's in the fir bushes by the road.
Tell him to wait there.
My English isn't exactly fluent...
- Am I well now?
- Yes.
Just in time
for the evening service.
I'm tired of this pharmacy.
And I have to ask you
to keep this.
I think you've had a tougher day
than me, my girl.
- Follow us.
- We'll leave straight away.
- It's time for evening service.
- Henrik's ready.
- Now it's your turn.
- It's broken down.
People will be here
in a few minutes.
Do you see that?
It's the German ambulance.
They're taking the one
whose legs you fixed.
- What does he look like now?
- You can only see his nose.
Once again,
only the nose is showing.
- They're heading for the ferry.
- I know what you're planning.
Let's follow them.
Everyone, please leave the cars!
- Also patients?
- Women, children and patients.
Everyone has to leave the cars!
Is the skipper all right?
Let's hope it works out.
- Are all three yours?
- No, only the Norwegian patients.
The one the German brought
is an American.
- Then I'm expecting three more.
- Who?
- Did you hear the shots just
Вынужденная посадка Вынужденная посадка

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