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A vodka.
And a beer, thank you.
..burned to the ground
despite a seven-alarm effort to stop
what one fire marshal called
''a wall of flame''.
The wave of violence that began
inexplicably last night
is continuing and intensifying
all across the nation today.
Authorities have thus far been helpless
in their efforts to prevent it.
They've been blowing
up the world for years.
I'm just surprised it took the bastards
this long to get here.
- Precisely my sentiments.
- Where do the terrorists come from?
- Merry Christmas.
- ..every American is asking today.
(speaks Spanish)
(rock music)
You came back to see Angela, eh?
But you'll do.
(speaks Spanish)
Screw these guys.
We'll celebrate, huh?
Screw yourself first.
We don't got time for this shit.
Oh, yeah?
Why don't you drink the champagne?
I'm gonna see the world.
I'll see you later.
(speaks Spanish)
- (he yells)
- (she shouts in Spanish)
- Watch my hand. Watch my hand.
- Sorry.
Beat it.
Victor! Victor!
- Where's Rostov?
- I don't know, man.
Nobody knows how to find him.
He's on the move all the time.
- (slams knife)
- Rostov!
- I only do what he tells me to.
- What's going on?
If you come back, I'll hit you with
so many rights, you'll beg for a left.
Oh, yeah?
I wanna know
what's coming down next.
Victor! (speaks Spanish)
He's gonna kill him. He has a knife.
That's all I know, man.
But it's too late.
I was supposed to be there by now.
That place is history.
What are you gonna do now,
tough guy?
You're beginning to irritate me.
You're crazy, man. You're crazy.
Watch out, bitch.
If you live through this, tell Rostov,
''lt's time to die.''
(shouting in Spanish)
(piped music: ''Joy To The World'')
You little brat.
(faint electronic bleeping)
- Thank you. Mmm, this is nice.
- I think I got that for her last year.
She probably needs some more.
I don't know.
Maybe I ought to get her a night gown.
- That man left his package.
- Oh. Hey, mister.
Hey, mister! Mister!
You forgot your package, mister.
Hey, buddy. Hey, mister.
Hey, your packages. Hey, pal. Hey!
Hey, mister!
(guard) Hey, you.
Stupid son of a bitch. What in the hell...?
Goddam it, cowboy.
- Bust their butt, cowboy.
- (screaming)
(she screams)
- Grab her.
- What?
- Get ready.
- Oh!
Come on, move up.
Come on.
Come on!
(machine-gun fire)
Thanks for the ride, cowboy.
- What did you tell him?
- You're crazy, man.
Hunter is dead. He's dead.
Your failure to go shopping with us
was most inconsiderate.
- I got caught up with some chick.
- You talked to Hunter, now, didn't you?
How could this be?
- I killed him, now, didn't I? Didn't I?
- Yes.
But he was there and you were not.
How could this be?
There is only one way this could be.
You talked to him.
What did he say? What did he say?!
He told me to tell you,
''lt's time to die.''
- (fires repeatedly)
- Mikhail!
I have to kill Hunter.
We cannot be distracted
from our work.
It will be done now.
We can't afford to divert our men
from their assignments
to try and find just one man.
- I will do it myself.
- No, Mikhail.
They're all expendable.
But without you to hold it together,
the operation will fall apart.
Without your leadership,
they would be disorganised,
undisciplined petty criminals.
They're nothing without you.
What about the vehicle
this hero was driving?
Led us right back to where we started,
belonged to some Indian.
- What'd he have to say?
- Nothing. He's dead.
By the way, the truck disappeared from
the impound yard two hours ago.
- We're doing one hell of a job.
- Almost half our people called in sick.
They're staying at home
to protect their families.
The police are in even worse shape.
Armed citizens have taken to the streets.
They won't


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