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touch anything?
- I don't think so.
- Where is she?
- Over there.
- Check her out.
- (woman) I haven't done anything wrong!
Let me go!
Take your hands off me! Come on.
- Take it easy.
- Press pass.
These two bozos have been holding me
while those bastards scoop my story.
We'll take it from here.
Who do you work for, Miss McGuire?
I work for me. What's it to you?
- How'd you get here before the police?
- I drive faster.
Actually, I've got a police-band radio.
Is that illegal?
- You had no authority to board.
- I was covering a story.
- Did you take any photographs?
- Of course.
That's how I make my living.
So you'll forget about the trespassing,
but you've got to take a look at my film.
Didn't you bastards ever hear
about the First Amendment?
This is it.
- Got him. I got him. Got his mouth.
- OK.
- Is this how your grandaddy used to do it?
- Are you kidding?
Get down.
Keep him down.
None of this Tonto kind of bullshit.
Next time, I'm doing the roping, OK?
Impress me.
(drops bag)
Get out of here.
We're ready to rock and roll here.
You get that greaser on the phone.
It's all here.
(speaks Russian)
You go for it, babe.
Let him have it.
It's been a pleasure
doing business with you.
The pleasure is all mine.
(police siren)
I don't know, John Eagle.
- He don't look too good.
- They all look like that.
- Then how come he looks so tired?
- Shit.
Matt, wanna give us a hand
loading this sucker?
What will you do when Social Security
find out you're moonlighting?
Ain't found out about my airboat
business. Been doing it for 40 years.
Probably because you haven't made
a profit for 39.
Just give us a hand
loading the damn reptile.
You wanna come to dinner tonight?
Got some live ones. Fried, steamed,
barbecued. Your choice.
God, I'm sick of frogs.
I'm not interested.
The company really needs you
this time.
I've heard that story before.
Go to one of the regular agents.
Well, this one is special.
We believe Rostov is in the country.
You should've let me kill him when
I had the chance. Now he's your problem.
Mr Ambassador, welcome to my home.
Not this time, Rostov.
It's time to die.
The dream again?
The nightmare.
We have to kill that bastard
before we begin the operation.
It would mean coming out
into the open, risking everything.
Forget him. It would only distract us
from our purpose here.
I want it done!
He's one man, alone.
What can he do?
You're obsessed.
You only know his reputation.
But I know his work.
They will not tolerate it.
They will just have to now, won't they?
Please, Mikhail.
Leave Hunter alone.
He's not a threat.
As long as he's breathing,
he's a threat.
Enough! Enough! It's finished.
(speaks Russian)
Tonight we make history, Nikko.
America has not been invaded by
a foreign enemy in nearly 200 years.
Look at them, Nikko.
Spineless decadents.
They don't even understand
the nature of their own freedom
or how we could use it against them.
They are their own worst enemy.
But they don't know it.
Hey, what the hell is that?
Who cares? Race you to the blanket.
That wasn't fair.
Whenever they operate on Liz Taylor,
I'm right outside the door.
Anything she doesn't want...
Throw it over. Son of a gun.
- What has she got on?
- Liberace's underwear.
It fits.
(shouting in various languages)
- Chicago!
- Detroit!
Las Vegas!
18 hours from now,
America will be a different place.
(Hunter) Check.
I'll take the assignment.
But remember, I work alone.
Now, if anything goes wrong,
we don't know who you are.
- Yeah, yeah, I know.
- Hunter? Hunter!
- What are you doing?
- Gonna pay the check?
Give me the damn thing.
- At least 20 vehicles, sir, maybe even 40.
- What kind?
The tracks are mostly obliterated,
but we'd say trucks.
- How big?
- All sizes. Fully

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