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do with me.
You've gotta try, man. (speaks Spanish)
Come on.
I'm gonna show you. Just relax.
- What am I gonna say?
- Don't worry, man, that's up to me.
- Buenas noches, ladies.
- Hola.
- My friend here thinks you are a fox.
- Tonio, man.
How about if you guys
give us a break for once?
It's always the same bullshit
with you dudes.
I hope you guys are a little more
friendly than the two last week.
He wants witnesses.
- Why?
- I don't know.
There has to be a reason.
There just has to be a reason.
They're coming back!
Sons of bitches! Kill them!
Fuck you, man.
Get the fuck out of here.
Fuck you. I'm tired of your shit, too.
What the fuck are you looking at?
Fuck you.
- Do you want some?
- Come on, motherfucker.
Hold it. Where are you going?
- I don't think I know you, pal.
- Makes us even. I don't know you, either.
You don't have to know me, asshole.
Are you buying or selling?
- Just looking.
- No, no, you don't look here.
This ain't no peepshow.
You got business, do it.
You got that, hunk?
I'm not sure.
You wanna run that by me again?
- That's OK. I think I get it.
- (groans)
Son of a bitch.
- Hi, Matt.
- How's business?
Just booming.
Sorry. All sorts of amateurs these days
are willing to fight wars for money.
- I'm looking for Rostov.
- Rostov?
You think he's behind all this?
He can't be. He's in Europe.
He's here.
I gotta find him.
You know,
you never had any patience, Hunter.
I don't have time. Besides, you owe me
for saving your ass in South America.
I saw some strange new faces
last night at the King Cobra.
Looked real experienced.
I'd say they were in the business.
Might be some of Rostov's people.
I don't know.
- See you in hell.
- Send me a postcard.
Trouble sure has a way
of following you around, doesn't it?
This is going on everywhere.
Or haven't you noticed?
These bastards hit over 20 places
in Miami alone last night.
I don't know how many today. They're
turning the people against each other.
And, worse, against authority.
Our people don't take it when they're
threatened. They stand up and fight back.
So every incident like this
breeds ten more exactly like it.
We don't even have the resources
to deal with half of them.
I can't believe
this is happening here, sir.
..and another 20 are injured.
The utility company says no gas leak
could cause such a string of explosions.
It has also been a day of fires
throughout the south-east...
A vodka.
And a beer, thank you.
..burned to the ground
despite a seven-alarm effort to stop
what one fire marshal called
''a wall of flame''.
The wave of violence that began
inexplicably last night
is continuing and intensifying
all across the nation today.
Authorities have thus far been helpless
in their efforts to prevent it.
They've been blowing
up the world for years.
I'm just surprised it took the bastards
this long to get here.
- Precisely my sentiments.
- Where do the terrorists come from?
- Merry Christmas.
- ..every American is asking today.
You came back to see Angela, eh?
But you'll do.
Screw these guys.
We'll celebrate, huh?
Screw yourself first.
We don't got time for this shit.
Oh, yeah?
Why don't you drink the champagne?
I'm gonna see the world.
I'll see you later.
- Watch my hand. Watch my hand.
- Sorry.
Beat it.
Victor! Victor!
- Where's Rostov?
- I don't know, man.
Nobody knows how to find him.
He's on the move all the time.
- I only do what he tells me to.
- What's going on?
If you come back, I'll hit you with
so many rights, you'll beg for a left.
Oh, yeah?
I wanna know
what's coming down next.
Victor! (speaks Spanish)
He's gonna kill him. He has a knife.
That's all I know, man.
But it's too late.
I was supposed to be there by now.
That place is history.
What are you gonna do now,
tough guy?
You're beginning to irritate me.
You're crazy, man. You're crazy.
Watch out, bitch.
If you

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