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is to create a plan
to turn back the tide of terror
sweeping the nation,
and to head off an impending suspension
of constitutional rights
and the imposition of total martial law
in the land.
Let's go.
We got you.
I don't know who you are.
I don't know who you think you are
or who you're fighting for.
But it's people like you
who turned this nation upside down.
And nobody, but nobody,
is beyond the law.
The three major networks
issued a statement
denying that TV coverage of terrorist
activities had compounded their effect.
The Dow has dropped 30 points.
Analyst Winslow Roberts
of Stone & Clemmer says
that if no profit-taking adjustments
are made in blue chips,
the Dow may set a record loss...
..people killed in a civil war
among low-rider clubs.
In Miami, authorities report
the arrest last night of a vigilante.
He is wanted for killing
ten suspected terrorists.
The man, not yet identified,
was transferred under heavy guard
to the South-East Military
Assistance Command in Atlanta,
where the emergency governors'
conference is still underway.
He is to be interrogated today by state
and federal military and civilian agencies.
(press clamour)
What is your name?
- Hey, cowboy.
- How goes the battle?
- Maybe I should ask you.
- Yeah, see you around.
Anything you'd like to say to the media?
Nikko was easy.
Now it's your turn.
One night you're gonna close your eyes
and when they open, I'll be there.
It'll be time to die.
Now we can destroy the Americans.
Crush their struggling leadership.
And finish Hunter as well.
Go. Bring them all in.
I want everyone there.
- You doing all right under there, man?
- Yeah.
- Still got the sports section?
- Sure.
Here you go.
All right.
Get away!
(shouts instructions)
Take it down!
That son of a bitch... It's a trap!
I told you so.
Let's go!
It's a trap!
(Hunter) Rostov!
Cease fire.
It's time...
Subtitles: Neil Blackmore
ENHOHHow much further is it to Florida?
Not too far now, just over the horizon.
We will make it, won't we?
God will show us the way.
If the Americans catch us,
will they send us back to Cuba?
What will happen to us then?
They won't catch us.
Try it.
It's not going to work.
Look! Over there! A boat!
Over here!
- Over here!
- Americans.
Welcome to the United States.
Thank you.
Enough! Stop!
Oh, Madre de Dios.
It's down there.
Ay! Diablo!
- Cassidy, FBI.
- Lieutenant, they're here.
- You in charge?
- Lieutenant Tom Green, Homicide.
- What happened?
- A fishing trawler found them.
- The tugs pulled her in.
- Any witnesses?
No, the Coastguard said she was
on a routine smuggling prevention patrol
the last time they made radio contact.
- Who's been on board?
- My men. Some coastguard brass.
And a reporter.
She got here before we did.
- Did she touch anything?
- I don't think so.
- Where is she?
- Over there.
- Check her out.
- I haven't done anything wrong!
Let me go!
Take your hands off me! Come on.
- Take it easy.
- Press pass.
These two bozos have been holding me
while those bastards scoop my story.
We'll take it from here.
Who do you work for, Miss McGuire?
I work for me. What's it to you?
- How'd you get here before the police?
- I drive faster.
Actually, I've got a police-band radio.
Is that illegal?
- You had no authority to board.
- I was covering a story.
- Did you take any photographs?
- Of course.
That's how I make my living.
So you'll forget about the trespassing,
but you've got to take a look at my film.
Didn't you bastards ever hear
about the First Amendment?
This is it.
- Got him. I got him. Got his mouth.
- OK.
- Is this how your grandaddy used to do it?
- Are you kidding?
Get down.
Keep him down.
None of this Tonto kind of bullshit.
Next time, I'm doing the roping, OK?

- ''

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