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meet you there.
All my life I've worked
for Mars intelligence.
I did Cohaagen's dirty work.
But recently I met somebody--
a woman--
and I learned a few things.
I've been playing
for the wrong team.
All I can do now is try
to make up for it.
There's enough shit in here
to fuck Cohaagen good.
But if you're listening to this,
that means he has got to me first.
Here comes the hard part.
Now it is all up to you.
- What have we got?
- Nothing here.
- He's gone.
- I got a weak signal over there.
Find him.
First let's get rid
of that bug in your head.
Take this thing out of the case
and stick it up your nose.
Don't worry.
It's self-guiding.
Just shove real hard.
When it crunches, you're there.
Just pull it out.
Be careful.
It's my head too.
I've got a lock.
Up. Let's go.
This is the plan.
Get your ass to Mars...
go to the Hilton and flash
the Brubaker l.D. at the desk.
That's it.
Just do what I say and we can nail
that bastard who fucked you and me.
I'm counting on you, Buddy.
Don't let me down.
Straight ahead.
In there.
Give me that.
Get your ass to Mars--
Get your ass to Mars--
Welcome to the Mars
Federal Colony.
For your safety and comfort,
domes have been installed...
to protect you
from the vacuum outside.
Please do not touch
exterior windows or air locks.
Air volume is limited. No smoking
is allowed anywhere in the colony.
Thank you,
and enjoy your stay on Mars.
- Get out of the way.
- Make way!
Stand back.
Mr. Cohaagen wants to see you
right away.
Any news of Quaid?
- Not since you lost him.
- Watch your mouth, Captain.
- How long do you plan to stay?
- Two weeks.
Look at that shit.
- What the hell's this?
- The Martians love Kuato.
They think
he's fuckin' George Washington.
Kill the bastard.
Nobody knows who he is.
Have you brought
any fruits or vegetables?
Two weeks.
Excuse me?
Two weeks.
It's not just graffiti. The rebels
took over the refinery last night.
The rebels took over
the refinery last night.
No terbinium is going out.
And it gets worse.
- That's Quaid!
- Where?
The woman!
Get him-- her!
Arrest that woman!
Grab her!
Get ready for a surprise!
- Open the goddamn door!
- I can't!
Open it!
They're all connected!
A few days ago
Cohaagen raised the price of air.
- Again?
- Nobody on Earth cares about Mars.
They just want our terbinium
so they can fight their war.
Excuse me. What's that?
You mean the Pyramid Mine?
I used to work there until
they found that alien shit inside.
Well, that's a rumor,
isn't it?
Think so?
Mr. Cohaagen.
You wanted to see me, sir?
do you know why I'm so happy?
No, sir.
Because I've got the greatest job
in the solar system.
As long as the terbinium keeps flowing,
I can do anything I want.
In fact...
my only worry
is that one day...
if the rebels win...
it all might end...
and you're making it happen!
First you try to kill Quaid,
then he escapes.
He had help from our side, sir.
I know that.
- But I thought--
- Who told you to think?
I don't give you enough information
to think.
You do what you're told.
That's what you do.
Yes, sir.
Let's get to business.
We've got
a tricky situation here.
Kuato wants
what's in Quaid's head.
He might be able to get it.
They say he's psychic.
I have a plan
to keep this from happening.
Suppose you could play along?
- Yes, sir.
- Great.
Otherwise, I'll erase your ass.
You need a taxi?
I got magazines, music, whisky.
You need a cab?
Come on!
Can I help you?
I would like a room, please.
Nice to have you back, Mr. Brubaker.
Would you like the same suite?
You've left something in our safe.
Could you get it?
- I'll encode your room key.
- Thank you.
- Suite 610 in the east wing.
- Thank you.
- Could I borrow your pen, please?
- Certainly.
Thank you.
Hey, man, you need a cab?
- What's wrong with this
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