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you like to ski...
but you're snowed under
with work?
Do you dream of a vacation
at the bottom of the ocean...
but you can't float the bill?
Have you always wanted
to climb the mountains of Mars...
but now you're over the hill?
Then come to Rekall lncorporated...
where you can buy the memory
of your ideal vacation...
cheaper, safer and better
than the real thing.
So don't let life pass you by.
Call Rekall
for the memory of a lifetime.
For the memory of a lifetime
Rekall, Rekall, Rekall
- You ever hear of Rekall?
- Rekall?
Where they sell
those fake memories.
Oh, Rekall.
- Thinking of going there?
- Maybe.
- Well, don't.
- Why not?
A friend of mine tried it,
nearly got himself lobotomized.
No shit?
Don't fuck with your brain.
It ain't worth it.
I guess not.
Good afternoon.
Welcome to Rekall.
Douglas Quaid.
I have an appointment.
- Bob?
- Yeah?
- Doug Quaid is here to see you.
- I'll be right out.
Just one minute, Mr. Quaid.
Thank you.
- Paul McClane. Good to see you.
- Nice to meet you.
Come on in.
- Make yourself comfortable.
- Thank you.
Help me out here, Doug.
- You were interested in a memory of--
- Mars.
Yeah. Mars.
Is there a problem?
To be perfectly honest...
if you like outer space...
you'd be happier with
one of our Saturn cruises.
I'm not interested in Saturn.
I said Mars.
Okay. You're the boss.
Mars it is.
Now, let me see.
The basic Mars package...
will run you 899 credits.
Now, that's for two full weeks
of memories, complete in every detail.
A longer trip is more expensive
because it's a deeper implant.
What's in the two-week package?
When you go Rekall, you get nothing
but first-class memories.
Private shuttle cabin, deluxe suite
at the Hilton, all the major sights:
Mount Pyramid,
the Grand Canals...
and, of course, Venusville.
But how real does it seem?
- As real as any memory in your head.
- Don't bullshit me.
I'm telling you, your brain
will not know the difference.
That's guaranteed
or your money back.
What about the guy you lobotomized?
Did he get a refund?
You're talking ancient history.
Nowadays traveling with Rekall
is safer than getting on a rocket.
Check out those statistics.
Besides, a real holiday
is a pain in the butt.
You got lost luggage,
lousy weather...
crooked taxi drivers.
When you travel with Rekall...
everything is perfect.
What do you say?
- All right.
- Smart move.
While you fill out
this questionnaire,
I'll familiarize you
with some of our options.
No options.
Whatever you say.
Let me ask you one question.
What is exactly the same...
about every single vacation
you have ever taken?
I give up.
You. You're the same.
No matter where you go,
it's always you.
Let me suggest
that you take a vacation...
from yourself.
I know, it sounds wild.
It is the latest thing in travel.
We call it the Ego Trip.
I'm not interested.
You're gonna love this, Doug.
We offer you a choice of
alternate identities during your trip.
Why go to Mars as a tourist
when you can go as a playboy...
or a famous jock or--
"Secret agent."
How much is that?
Let me tantalize you.
You are a top operative under deep cover
on your most important mission.
People are trying to kill you.
You meet this beautiful,
exotic woman.
Go on.
I don't wanna spoil it for you...
but by the time
the trip is over...
you get the girl, kill the bad guys
and save the entire planet.
Now, you tell me.
Isn't that worth
a measly 300 credits?
Your first trip?
Don't worry. Things hardly ever
fuck up around here.
Good evening... Doug.
- I'm Dr. Lull.
- Nice to meet you.
Ernie, patch in matrix 62-B-37.
Would you like us to integrate
some alien stuff?
Sure. Why not?
Two-headed monsters?
Don't you watch the news?
- We're doing alien artifacts now.
- It's wild.
Yeah, they date back
a million years.
- Ernie?
- That's a new one.
- Blue sky on Mars.
- Been married long?
- Eight years.
- Oh, I see.
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