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remember you loved me.
- I don't need Kuato for that.
Since when?
Come on, Melina.
Kuato's waiting.
I didn't find Grandpa, but--
Oh, shit.
- Who's this?
- He helped us get away.
Hey, don't worry about me, man.
I'm on your side.
You're a mutant, huh?
All right, let's go.
- Have you tried ramming down the door?
- You wait here. Follow me.
It won't do any good.
- Cohaagen depressurized the tunnels.
- Then drill through to Section M.
We can't.
We're running out of air.
We need help.
Sit tight.
Melina just got here with Quaid.
I hope he was worth it.
So do l.
- I'm glad you made it.
- You don't look glad.
Cohaagen sealed up Venusville.
He shut off the air.
You must know something
pretty important, Quaid.
He wants you.
If we don't hand you over, everybody
in this sector will be dead by morning.
Then we don't have much choice.
We can't turn him in.
That's up to Kuato.
Come with me, Quaid.
Sit down.
- Where's Kuato?
- On his way.
You heard the rumors
about the Pyramid Mine?
Cohaagen found something weird inside
and it's got him scared shitless.
What? Aliens?
- You tell me.
- I don't know.
Yes, you do.
That's why we brought you here.
Cohaagen's big secret
is buried in that black hole...
you call a brain.
And Kuato's gonna dig it out.
- You're Kuato, right?
- Wrong.
Kuato's a mutant,
so don't get upset when you see him.
What do you want, Mr. Quaid?
Same as you: to remember.
But why?
- To be myself again.
- You are what you do.
A man is defined by his actions...
not his memory.
take my hands.
Now open your mind to me.
Open your mind.
Open your mind.
Open your mind.
Open your mind.
Open your mind.
We should blow the thing up
before the rebels turn it on.
I say we throw the switch
and see what happens.
- Don't be an idiot.
- We can't risk it.
The chain reaction could spread
to all the terbinium in the planet.
That means a meltdown,
a meltdown on a planetary scale.
Don't you think whoever
built this thing thought of that?
Who knows what the hell they thought?
They weren't human.
Maybe it's a trap.
Maybe they want a meltdown.
We don't even know
if this piece of junk will work.
What is it?
A million? Half a million?
- About half a million.
- Half a million years old.
Let's make sure Kuato--
Wake up! Wake up!
Come on, wake up!
They found us! Shit!
Let's go!
Wake up! Snap out of it!
Come on!
They found us!
- Everybody out!
- Melina!
Get moving! Get out!
Get out!
Everybody out! Get out!
Get to the air lock! Follow me!
Benny, come on!
- Benny!
- I'm coming!
Put these spacesuits on!
We're going outside!
Benny, hurry.
Congratulations, Quaid.
You led us right to him.
How can you do this?
You're a mutant.
I got four kids to feed.
So what happened to number five?
Shit, man. You got me.
I ain't even married.
Now put your fucking hands
in the air!
Forget it, man.
His fortunetelling days are over.
Start the reactor.
Free Mars.
Mr. Cohaagen
would like to talk to you.
So this is the great man.
No wonder he kept out of sight.
Well, my boy...
you're a hero.
Fuck you.
Don't be modest.
Kuato is dead.
The resistance is completely wiped out,
and you were the key to the whole thing.
He's lying.
You two-faced bastard.
You can't blame him, angel.
He's innocent.
You see, Quaid, none of my people
could get close to Kuato.
Fucking mutants
could always sniff us out.
So Hauser and I sat down
and invented you, the perfect mole.
You know you're lying.
Hauser turned against you.
That's what we wanted
you to think.
The fact is, Hauser volunteered
to become Doug Quaid.
It was the only way
to fool the psychics.
Get your story straight.
This idiot has been trying to kill me
ever since I went to Rekall.
You don't kill somebody
you're trying to plant.
He wasn't in on it.
You set him off by going to Rekall.
- So why am I still alive?
- We gave you lots of help.
- Benny
Вспомнить всё Вспомнить всё

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