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sound like him
Look in my eyes, John The one thing
the surgeons could never change.
Jesus, Tom. Is it really you?
Why didn't you tell me?
It was the only way I could
get the men responsible
(I never thought you bringing me
back would be the price for it)
I didn't know they'd send Rogue For
Christ's sake, I thought he was dead
They said they wanted
to teach you a lesson
For shooting Rogue, just
rough you up to bit, that's all
Is that what they told you?
Shiro w(?) everything
I tried to stop working for him
To get out so many times
I thought if I could make that son of a bitch pay for
what he did to you, somehow it'd make things right again
You think you could forgive me, Tom?
Tom Lone is dead. My name is Rogue.

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