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- He is on his way is back
Some Photos?
- Yes sir
What the fuck have we got there?
- Looks like Rogue took out Chang and turned on Shiro's assassins
He's using them. playing
both sides against each other
Why would he do that?
John, you never gonna
believe who just flew in
Father, I'm so happy to see you
And I'm happy to see you
This country was very beautiful
Your english is improving
I have been practicing.
This is my new home after all
Rogue insisted on
delivering the Horses himself
You've make me very proud
I must ask one more thing of you
Return to Jepan
But I want to stay with you
If I am to oversee the expansion
here I need someone who can ensure
our interests in Japan. The only
person I can trust is you Kira
Shiro Yamaga
- Special Agent Jack Crawford
Step back
Welcome to America. I don't
know if we'll be staying long
Agent Crawford, I'm a busy man
Oh, we got a lot business you
and me I think you'd know that
3 years ago, Rogue killed
my partner and his family
You know what?
Rogue is working for you
Rogue is a myth, just a rumor.
You think so?
You can't always trust rumors, can you?
(... slices? you as you sit with him?)
You've got to ask yourself why
would he do something like that?
I've never seen this
man before in my life
I give a fuck if you slaughter each other 'till you're
all dead and buried. It makes my job a lot easier
But if I find proof to trace
any of this shit back to you,
you ain't never going to see Japan again
Neither will that pretty little daughter of yours
Thanks for the tip, Agent Crawford
My most loyal stranger
We meet to face to face
Yamaga San
I've waited a long time for this moment
It's all because of you, that
we now've this opportunity
Kira enjoyed working with you here
One day she'll make a fine
leader of the I Clan
Yeah, one day
I'm reminded of the S? book
When the D? warriors fought
each other to unite Japan
The one, who finally succeeded
was a man by the name of (?)
And do you know how he did it?
He killed everyone who opposed him
Thanks to you, All those
who opposed me here are dead
I exist but to serve you
In Asia, this could never be sold
The fortune they will bring here in the
West will be more than enough to continue...
our American expansion
And now it is time for
your reward. Open it
One most remove all future threats
You allowed a threat to remain
By not killing the woman and child
You have disobeyed me
and broke my most secret code
Your code, not mine
Betrayal cannot be forgiven
Take him downstairs
Persuade him to tell us
where the wife and child are
Find the woman and child
They'll lead us to the real Horses
After all these years,
why do you do this?
You ordered the hit
I ordered many hits
This one was different
You should have left the
wife and daugther alone
I left none to seek revenge
You left one
Your assassin Rogue
never made it out alive
So, you're Tom Lone?
Changing your face, your voice.
All so you could get to me
Pain can be a weapon if you so choose
How do you think
we found out you were FBI in
the first place? It was Crawford
You killed my family
It was Crawford. He's
the one who gave you up.
Crawford worked for me
Because of him, your family is dead
Somebody talked
From the inside, close to us
You never know who's working for who
Somebody talked
Crawford, Shiro is dead
Get out of this business
while you can, Goi
"Make a new life"
From America?
Leave me
"Make a new life"
Remember the night we met?
I remember my partner
blowing your face off
You live today only
because of what he did
I live today only to kill
you, you miserable prick
Meet me there
Show yourself!
I got your surgeon He made a positive Id
Come on Crawford, flush him out
Why did you do this? What did Shiro promised you that
was r(?) my life for the life of (?) Diane and Amy?
No, you're not him! It can't be!
Not even

- ...

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