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the counter
where i can see them
Situation is secure, All
units stand down and cease fire
Damn it, Goi, just cease fucking fire!
We got a shooter guys
I got him
Don't fucking move!
Fuck you!
Eat your big ass
Eat your big dick
This isn't Japan
Wu and his boys shot up
Takada's Tea House last nite
Wu Ti?
Are you sure?
I tried to stop them
Damn it, i told him not to do anything
He leaves me with no choice
You've done well
My father is very pleased
He now asks one more thing from you
After I kill Chang, his
operation will be destroyed
What more could Shiro want?
The heads of the wife and child
That's the order, there is no why
You never had a problem killing
woman and children before
Would you dare disobey your master
I have no master
This are my guards,
They will assist you in
this task as you best decide
And If I refuse?
You dropped this
What is happening John?
There're men with guns in my front yard
Just a precaution
- A precaution?
From what? What have
you gotten us in to?
Oh my God, it's him, isn't
it He's coming after us
That's not gonna happen
I'm sorry Jenny, not just
for this, for everything
I try to do the right thing
Make a good life for you and Daniel
Give you the thinks you needed
It never had anything to do
about what we did or didn't have
Is was the job
The job always came 1st even now,
even knowing you might be putting us...
...in the same danger as
Tom and his family where in
You know,
I'm not even mad at you anymore
Most days i just feel sorry for you...
for what you become
It's Benny
Say hi to Benny for me
What you got Benny?
We found your plastic surgeon
Welcome home, Dr. Sherman
Hey, Jeffe what's cooking?
Come here
Agent Crawford. I don't know anything.
Doc, come on, are you kidding me?
Can you explain to me why one of
the world's most brilliant (?) doctor
is hiding out in the slums in Mexico
What are you? A fucking Nazi war criminal?
Look, if I were you I'd be lapping up that pussy
out on South Beach, stretching it out. Come on.
Look, i could give a shit about any laws
you've broken. It's not why we're here.
I need you to identify this man
You know what happen to the other
2 doctor, well you could be next...
We can protect you
- You don't know him?
Protect me, you can't
protect me, you can't stop him
You found me here, he can find me here
I can stop him. All I need
from you is a yes or a no
Is this Rogue?
Is this Rogue?
Yeah. We used to get
comissioned by the US goverment
And we'd do surgeries on him when he was with
the CIA, we changed his face a lot of times
He came to me 3 years ago
His face was almost torn off
And still I created muscle and tissue
And reconstructed his facial
bones... it was amazing
This is what I made him look like, Rogue
Look Doc, we will take you with
us We will protect you, understand?
I want you go get some thing
togather and we'll go o. k.
Yeah, it's ok
You know about faith, Benny
- Faith?
You know, no matter what you do,
your future is already decided
I don't know about that, i tought the
futured depents on the choices we make
I make all the necessary arrangement
I will join you as soon
as I finish here ok?
Don't worry
I'll be back to walk you out
I love you
My brother is death
You brought it onto yourself
And how did I do that?
I gave you my trust
I gave you my loyalty,
I sacrifice everything for you
and this is how I'm being treated?
You got another nerve to
talk to me about loyalty
You are fucking trator
That piece of shit
He tells me that his
loyal and is my friend
And he's right, he was
loyal, he was your friend
Holy shit
Here is Agent Clark, we got some
major action at the chinese compound
What's going on?
Is the boss ok?
Don't be scared ok
Chang is death
- And the woman and child?
Take me to the body
so we can take the head
No I killed them
No i should have that done
Where is my husband?
Where is Clark?

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