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I know who you are
So, what is a Yakuza hitman
doing working for the Triads?
I know you understand me
It was you on the phone, wasn't it?
What? don't remember?
You do remember my partner
You do, don't you?
Remember his name?
Tom Lone
Remember his wife? Diane
And his 4 year old daughter, Amy
Remember the cabin in the woods?
Cabin that you burnt to the ground?
With the bodies still inside
Remember that?
Do you remember that?
Say it
Say it, say you remember
Say you fucking remember!
Blowing my partners goddamn head off
You will find only
pain living in the past
Crawford, there's nothing
here. He checks out
Say it to me And you fucking know it
What if it's?
Right now we've got nothing
Come on, man, there will be another day
Right now we wait
We're police, and we do it right.
Another day
And on that day you and
I are gonna finish this
You can count on that Remember that
Everyone, move out
How in the world did you
know the FBl were coming?
You have impressed me
once again, my friend
As you see
The FBl has declared war on us
Now fuck them
I turst you've secured my Horses
They're safe
I still got a lot of work for you to do
I think you better stay
in my house for a while
Keep an eye on things
Oh Victor
This FBl guy, Crawford
He's trouble
He's chasing ghost
Give me one
I said put up a new one now!
Did i scare you?
Where's your mother?
Come outside so we can play tag
Go find your mother
I've got things to do
What's that?
Wow, do it again
He's showing me a magic trick
Why don't you go down
stairs and play with mummy?
But you weren't playing
I know, I'll be down
stairs in just a minute, ok.
I understand you have business here
But i'm warning you
to stay away from Anna
My husband's work and our
family are 2 seperate things
Do we understand each other?
- Yes, Mrs Chang
Don't think... i don't
know what you are doing
He used to trust my thing
You're his man right now
But i'm still the one...
Who looks after things around here
And i remember in this
world... things change
Triad Districy
Don't make me say it again
Those fucking cowards,
who knows... Relax
What the fuck?
You fucking Yakuza, let's go!
.. teach that fucking Jap a lesson
You fucking intruder!
You fucking bastard
I knew i should never have trusted you
It's got Shiro's trademark
So what now?
Get ready for a war
Joey Ti, that's your ass
Clark gonna check Chang's place in Marin
Daniel, you get (?) Motors
Kira, you get house 16
Wick and Goi, you keep an
eye on the 'Sayu Tea House'
New guy, hey?
I think i know how to
look through a night scope
Keep your eyes open, everybody
This shit is going to go down somewhere and
we better be ready to move when we get the call
Binaculars, no night scope
The authorities are
expecting us to retaliate
If we strike now we risk everything
- What if it was our family?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
You forgot?
Once was my family?
He was like a son to me
Revenge's is a must
But we must be patient
I will allow nothing to
put our family at risk
I want you to do nothing
Is that clear?
Shiro knows his days
are coming to an end
One thing is for sure
More blood will be
spilled before this is over
Mr Shaw,
I want your word
My wife and daughter will be safe
No harm will come to them
A man should never give up his honor
Or the honor of his family
Keep it I don't smoke
"Sayu Tea House"
Oh man
I didn't know your
mom was working tonite
Keep your eye on your mark, boy
Yo, heads up
Looks like Takada's is
having another tea party
Shit, get Crawford and call
for backup. It's going down now
We got trouble
Wu just showed up just like you said
I'm on my way
- Copy that
I'm going in, cover me
That's for my brother
He's dead
- Come on!
On three
Three! Oh... shit!
Freeze! Shit
F.B.I. Drop your weapons!
Drop your weapons!
Hands on

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