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little change in plans.
I need my money. Now.
So, we're good to go?
Oh yeah. You're good to go.
Just wait here for a sec.
Let me and the boys clear out.
Let's go.
Do it.
Mr. Chang sends his regards.
Compliments from Mr. Chang.
There's some serious shit here, buddy
Yakuzas, all of them
All lined up
Shots in the back
Execution style
- Excuse me
Frances wants to know if you're
ready for them to come in yet?
This was a heist, What?
Check the place, between the sedans
This guy where escorting something big
Whatever it was it
must've been important
This guys where the guard dogs
There is only 1 thing that'll
stop this guy from pulling down
At least they thought they were cops
Hold on just a damn minute, are
you trying to say cops did this?
If they didn't they were involved
- No fucking way
For all we know it could
have been one of you guys
I'm assuming that you
know who the fuck i am
You're a bitch for Shiro
Yamaga. Aren't you, Captain?
And the one who gives his boys
free passes to smuggling shit
And you're the one who
sold them out last nite
I don't know what you're talking about
I've never met him
Hey... hey... hey...
This is a federal matter
Look at it
Look down the barrel Tell
me if you see the bullet
Can you see it?
- I see it
He said he'll kill me
He said he'd kill my family
Who? who said that?
I don't know who
I don't know who
He works for the Triads
He works for the Changs
He knows where I live He knows
where my kids go to school
You stupid bastard
What do you think Shiro Yamaga is going
to do when he finds out you fucked up?
Get his statement, call the marshals.
Get his family under protective custody.
Do what you got to do
Shit! Down... down...
down Everyone down!
There is a shooter on the roof. It's him
This is agent Wick
I need squad backup and an
ambulance at Sloan's Steakhouse. Now!
Hold on, motherfucker
This motherfucker's out
The Triads made me look like a fool
Kill kill them
Give me the word
.. and i'll make them disappear
Do it
Find them
I want their heads, everyone of them
Nobody told me you 2 were in charge now
Kira-san, welcome
Your presence honors me
And your stupidity insults my father
We were just discussing...
I've brought word from Sako directly
You're to do nothing
until he instructs you to
The Horses have been stolen!
If we don't strike back...
Are you disobeying my order?
I'd like a salad
I just got off
a 14-hour-flight
I'd like a salad
Will somebody get me a salad?
What... what kind?
No blue cheese
No blue cheese
With dressing on the side, please
Special agent Crawford
Who's this?
- A messenger
Messenger? huh...
The police captain in the restaurant
was he part of your message?
It was a fucking code, I
just did what you wanted
What the hell do you know
what i want, you fuck?
I saw it in your eyes, John
- Yeah, what did you see?
...hate... rage... lonelyness
I tell you what
Why don't we meet in my
shrink's office and discuss it?
You want that stolen shipment?
Warehouse 161 hour
Chang's warehouse
This is the F.B.I. Remain where you are
And keep your hands above your heads
What? you're not happy to see us?
Privat proberty
RSVP we came to party, baby
Mr Chang
Still pretending to be legit?
Watch your mouth
Don't forget who you're talking to here
Open it
I said, open it
Open it
Put your hands on the back of your head!
Now! motherfucker
Put your fucking hands up
No weapons, he's clean
Victor Shaw
So, that's what you
call yourself now huh?
Commen Passport, security
licence out of Tokio
Run it
Check the warehouse,
make sure nothing's hidden
It was you wasn't it?
Look me in the eyes
Something real familiar about them
It's the 1 thing surgeons
can't change, can they?
Your eyes
They did a hell of a job
on the rest of you though
You don't even know you're the same man
But you are, aren't you?


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